Weekends production and more

As promised earlier, here come a few more pictures about this weekend. This weekend we didn’t have any plans except for the usual ones: gym, groceries, eating, sleeping, a little bit of baking and relaxing.

We did all that and in addition we put up a new shelf up and fixed a couple of other things. Ecky has been walked thoroughly also.

Yesterday we made some Brownie cookies which I tried to decorate today. The preparation of the cookies wasn’t a problem but decorating was an even bigger one. We had bought some stencils and food color spray to spray pumpkins, spider webs, spiders etc on the cookies, but it didn’t want to work out right. Next year again…

Brownie cookies and chocolate buns

Btw that was the dough for the chocolate buns after it had been sitting for about 3 hours.

After trying to decorate them. The sprinkles worked out pretty well, though.

For breakfast today I prepared some roasted pear chocolate scones and english muffins. I got the recipe for the scones from Smitten kitchen http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2012/10/roasted-pear-and-chocolate-chunk-scones/ . The only thing I forgot, I blame the early time, was the heavy cream. But they came out very nice and the english muffins too.

The scones

The english muffins, ready to be fried.

Tonight we had simple fish (common ling) with fresh cilantro made in the oven, caramelized and roasted pumpkin and roasted cauliflower with mashed potatoes. It was nice and satisfying.

Mr Ecky showed all his lazy sides today. A dogs life can be pretty hard and exhausting. 😉

Our neighborhood

Yes, we have snow, but it’s not winter yet. It’s pretty cold now too. But still and since it’s not winter yet, we needed a little decoration for the table. I usually buy fresh flowers, but it’s just too cold now and they would be all over the hill before I would have made it home. Therefore we have to live with a simple fall plate until we can pull out the christmas decoration.

Have a nice week!

One thought on “Weekends production and more

  1. Oh it sounds like a little fairy tale life 🙂 And the view is so beautiful now!
    We had out first 0 degrees and had to scratch the ice off the car windows this morning… Winter is claiming territory!

    Love the “little” baking 😉

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