The butter smugglers and more

We wanted to have a calm and lazy weekend. And we almost managed that.

After the nice sunrise and the gym on Friday, I went straight to the kitchen to find out if the dinner I’d visualized it while running would  work out. Well, it worked out but turned into a 7 hour work day in the kitchen. I had thought to prepare filled savoy cabbage, yes again, with glazed pumpkin and carrots, mashed (sweet) potatoes and arctic char and a sauce.

For the filling of the cabbage rolls I roasted slices of pumpkin, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower and parsnips, mixed it then with chopped walnuts, rice, fried onions and quorn (our meat substitute).

The filled cabbage rolls, ready to be fried

And after the frying

The rest of the dinner was good too.

Saturday morning I was up at 5.30 am. I really didn’t like it at all. But what can you do, when you are awake and you are rolling around and can’t find sleep anymore? -Right, you go into the kitchen and prepare the chocolate babkas aka chocolate krantz cakes.

Those yeast twisters are filled with a mixture of cocoa, chocolate, powdered sugar, butter and chopped pecan nuts.

After the baking and before the syrup

With the syrup

Oh, and I think you should see how they look cut

Since they were still in the oven when we had breakfast, we tasted the left overs of the twisted rolls.

After breakfast we went to the gym to earn our second breakfast. Then we had a nice slice of the twisters, but those tiny ones were a good treat to get us work out a bit harder. 😉

The Saturday afternoon was occupied by a visit of a cozy cafe with two dear friends.

On Sunday we went to Sweden to stock up our butter and flour storage. Norway really has a problem with butter and sometimes you go to the store and instead of finding a filled butter shelf you find a note which reads: Sorry, but Tine has problems producing enough butter…

Baking for Christmas can start

Yes, this is a pile of 11x 500gr packs of butter. I think we earned us the name “butter smuggler”. 😉

And then we got a new pie pan which we had to give a trial run the same evening. I decided to prepare an apple pie

The weekend ended with having a nice pizza evening with two friends. That was again a full but gorgeous weekend.

Have a nice week!

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