Screw ups

This weekend we were mostly thinking about Scandinavian Airlines. Will they declare bankruptcy or not? Is SAS going to fly on Sunday or not? For weeks I’d planned to fly to Århus for a trainings class in programming. But then in the last days SAS made the headlines with a possible bankruptcy. Great! Exactly what I’d wished for. 😦

Until I left from Trondheim in the early afternoon today, I wasn’t sure if I’ll make it to Århus or not. But I made it. How I’ll get home on Thursday is another question. If SAS should declare bankruptcy, I’ll have to come up with a plan B but that’s tomorrows question.


The never-ending story…

Do you remember that I’d ordered the Smitten Kitchen cookbook some weeks ago? – I’d ordered a signed copy from a book shop in NY. At first I was very happy because they wanted to make sure that everything will be correct. Someone had paid attention. But now it seems that this was the only time they’ve paid attention. Unfortunately. They mixed up the books and sent a signed copy for “E” instead of for “K” to my friend. Then after several emails and even calling them, they sent a return label for FedEx to my friend. I had asked to send a return label for USPS.

I can’t really understand how something like this could be so difficult. And I really ask myself, why should I pay 14$ more for such a service? – I really do appreciate independent shops, I rather pay a little extra to buy locally or from independent shops than from huge chains. But if the service is so bad (everyone does a mistake every now and then, no problem at all), it’s a waste of money. I feel very bad that this order causes so much trouble for my friend. We all have already enough to do with holding our usual balls in the air. Extra hassle isn’t much of a need.


But for now…good night from Århus and a good start in the new week!


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