Home sweet home

I made it back to Trondheim. – In one piece, with all my luggage and I caught all flights which I’m still surprised about.

The days in Århus went way too fast by. I had a lot of fun and after listening intensively to Danish for 4 days, Norwegian seems pretty clear. The Danes seem very relaxed and friendly and I see forward to another visit of Denmark. I was surprised to see that you can buy alcohol in usual grocery shops and that they have shops specialized in meats, cheese and breads. I miss that here in Trondheim very much. The prices were a bit lower than here. The nice range of products and delicacy let me to do a little bit more shopping than planned which resulted in a damn heavy suitcase… :O

Here some of the things I brought home with me (the chocolates and chocolate almonds are for M, he loves them). The spiced red wine will be served tomorrow when we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving with a few nice friends. (I know Thanksgiving was yesterday, but we don’t have a free Friday today.)

But as a vegetarian you will find it hard to find a restaurant with a vegetarian dish. Fortunately I like fish and the restaurants have often at least one fish dish on their menu. Mostly I went for that dish then. Out of eight meals I had 6 with fish: salmon (smoked and fried), turbot, rainbow trout (smoked and grilled) and some other ones.

By the way that was my workstation for the class

Oh, and I got a very nice dinner with pasta. Our Ecky was happy that I’m back at home, too. 🙂

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