It’s cold

It was very cold this week. Actually it started to get cold last week Friday already, during the weekend it got colder and colder and this week then we had every day around -15C. It meant to wear our warmest clothes and getting a very cold face within seconds and even Ecky had to wear his coat. Yesterday I even made him wear his booties. He isn’t a big fan of them but at least they prevent his feet from collecting ice crumbs between his toes.

Fully dressed he looks like this



He has a fleece overall too which he was wearing today. But the overall is more for even colder days. Otherwise the coat is enough. He always tries to get rid of it i.e. by rolling on the ground.


On Monday Ecky and I picked up a box. A big box and we risked our lives by becoming popsicles. It was so damn cold. But no risk, no box. D had sent it and filled it with string cheese, cookie cutters, some flavor for water and graham bars. Ecky got a new toy too. Of course we had to have a trial run with the cookie cutters. They worked perfectly and look very nice.

Now we can cut out cookies in the shape of polar bear, elephant, hippo, gingerbread man, different sizes and shapes of snowflakes, dragonfly, gnome and some ornaments.



I’m pretty sure we’ve over 30 different cutters by now. But you can never have enough. Especially not if they are so cute.


Then two days later the long awaited Smitten kitchen cookbook arrived. *yeah* Thank you D! 🙂


This weekend we tried to be a bit lazier than usual. I had my Christmas party yesterday which made us hit the bed later, much later than usual. But we had a lot of fun though, the food was nice and the conversations too.

Then a friend came for breakfast and brought us his plants to take care of while he’ll be on vacation for several weeks… Our living room looks almost like a jungle now. We had a very simple breakfast. The only exception was some cinnamon french toast.




This week had been pretty stressy  at the office. I cross my fingers and hope the next week will be a bit slower going. At least we only have 4 work days next week since we are going on a short vacation. Ecky will go on vacation too and stay at a friends place for the time we are gone. I’m sure he’ll get spoiled and won’t want to come home again.

Have a good week!


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