I prepared gingerbread batter the other day, because we’d to cut out some parts for another gingerbread house which we’ll take with us to Germany tomorrow. Unfortunately I dropped the bowl when emptying it, cause the batter was so sticky and stringy and it made quite some noise when it hit the floor. Luckily Ecky doesn’t mind noise and he saw his chance and took it…stuck his head into the bowl licking it clean. He does love gingerbread batter and he does have a very sweet tooth. 😀


Yesterday evening then we prepared some ricotta blueberry scones and another batch of those airy chocolate brioche bretzels. I added a handful of pecan nuts to the batter this time. Just the shape didn’t come out quite right…they look more like the end product after they’ve passed through the human / canine body.

Ricotta yoghurt blueberry scones adapted from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook


Chocolate brioche bretzels


Tomorrow at this time we’ll be on the way to Dusseldorf to meet friends and family and visit the Christmas market. We see forward to it. Pictures of the trip will be following suit next week.

P.S.: I do really hope for warmer temperatures in Germany since we have -17C this morning again…

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