Ladies baking and ready for take off

Yesterday was pretty busy at the office for both of us.

But finally at 2.45pm I could call it weekend and start slowly thinking about stuff which needed to be done before heading for a weekend to Düsseldorf.

In the early afternoon I met with a few ladies 😀 for baking Christmas cookies and decorating them. It was just lovely. I was a bit lazy with cutting them out, but I helped to decorate them.

Two of mine looked like this


After I came home we had a simple dinner with our friend J and then we packed the bag of Mr Ecky. He was going on vacation too. He is staying for the weekend with J and I’m sure they’ll have a lot of fun.
I gave them a ride home, then we let him pee again and after this he immediately headed for the entry. The steps of the stairs were a bit too far apart, so J just grabbed him and he knew there was no wiggling necessary, cause she had him safely and foolproof in her arms. In her apartment he went for his blankie and I was forgotten…

Back at home we had to start packing our own suitcases. It didn’t take us too long, but I finally hit the bed after midnight and the alarm already went off at 2.45am… Now we are waiting for the boarding. 🙂

Oh, that’s my collection of different currencies I’ve been carrying around with me for the last months: dollars, euros, crowns from Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Norway. That made paying in cash sometimes a little more time consuming


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