We made it back home from Düsseldorf. The weekend was short, too short and exhausting but very nice too. We had a pretty full programe for those two days.

On the way to Düsseldorf from Amsterdam


After our arrival in Düsseldorf we picked up our rental car and started heading for my hometown.

The rental cars navigation system and our Tomtom…still on the wrong continent Düsseldorf vs NYC


There we went to a cozy cafe to have some lunch before we continued and did some shopping, then we visited my parents. We even surprised my dad, who hadn’t known a tiny bit about our visit. In the evening we all went out for dinner. M showed my parents his chocolate side.  🙂 The very long day ended with a short drive to my aunt where we stayed over night. We slept like stones…I’m still not sure if that was because of their nice mattresses or because we were so tired.

Next morning we had to wake up early to deliver the rental car back in time later in the morning. First we had to fill our empty stomaches with crusty buns, raisin rolls and fresh coffee. We got some cookies and headed back to Düsseldorf to meet our friend S, expatriate Lumi and to give the car back.

First we unloaded our luggage and what did I get from Lumi? – An evil eye! He ignored me completely and didn’t even look at me, instead he tried to kiss M and greeted him happily. :O

When we came back from the returning the car, Lumi had thought about our relationship and was from then on my shadow. He is soo cute and our dear friend S takes very good care of him.



The weather on Saturday was more like spring than winter. We had for some time beautiful blue sky and sun shine. The extra  sunlight compared to Norway was very nice.


Later in the day we went to do some more shopping esp. sweets (M got a new grater). For the afternoon we had planned to meet with my aunt, uncle, cousin and his gf for a visit at the Christmas market. Ok, Düsseldorf has actually 6 Christmas markets and we visited all. It was so packed, unbelievable how many people were there. At some points we weren’t moving by ourselves, more like we were moved by all the other people around us.  4 of us ended up with having a big pretzel, my aunt had a chocolate covered banana and my uncle was still fine from dinner.

At this booth they were selling beverages, mostly warm spiced red wine.


Market in the historic part of the city with a Ferris wheel in the background


IMG_0211 IMG_0212



This Santa was offering paid Riksha rides through Düsseldorf.


We have a lot of very nice sunsets here in Trondheim, but Düsseldorf doesn’t need to hide. We saw a pretty one there too.


Later in the evening on Saturday we went to a tiny cozy restaurant where we had good wine, a great starter, a perfect main dish and good coffee / awesome tarte au citron for dessert.

On Sunday we went for a long walk with L(umi) & L(innie). They enjoyed it a lot and we also, but I got hungry so at one point we had to head back to my friends place for breakfast. Later on I assembled a gingerbread house for S and then M showed her his old laptop which has found a new home with S.

And then? Only the packing was missing. That  didn’t take us too long considering the amount of sweets we had.

In the evening we flew back. It almost broke my heart to leave Lumi back at S’ place. Not because I don’t trust her, but because Lumi is so cute and loves to snuggle. I know it’s the best for him, Ecky and us, he has the best home he could ever hope for, but it feels so difficult leaving my “baby” there. ;(

With three heavy suitcases, 2 hand luggages and my purse. One suitcase even made it directly to Trondheim. The other two were delivered yesterday. Everything made it in one piece and now we are only waiting for Christmas. We have three days left at the office until we can stay home for a long weekend. 🙂

You probably remember this one…


Right, he went on vacation too. He stayed at J’ place and loved it there. J had a few problems the first two nights, cause he had to get used to the different noises and barked sometimes. He got used to her more and more and on Sunday he went for a very long walk with her. He visited the Christmas market in Trondheim with J and her girls. Otherwise he more or less skipped his own food, cause he could get delicacies from J. Cheese, fried bread with egg, sausage etc. I mean why would you eat a bowl full of boring cereals if you can have a nice plate with Lasagna?? -Exactly, you would pick the Lasagna over the cereals too.

I hope that J won’t get any problems with the other rentals and the landlord and that she might take care of Ecky again. He loves her and let her even put her hand in his travel bag which he uses as his little house when at a foreign place.

I think the next post will show our Christmas tree we have gotten today. We’ll decorate it on Sunday. We have wonderful new crystal Christmas balls from Hutschenreuther and other nice stuff.

See you then!

One thought on “Düsseldorf

  1. Bea-u-ti-ful!
    I love your trip stories and you always seem to take advantage of time in the greatest way, plus having great friends all over the world and all those treats must be fun!
    Lumi looks like a sweetie and he knows you love him! I’m glad it works out this way for your two boys 🙂

    Enjoy decorating your Xmas tree!!!

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