Review of Christmas 2012

It’s over already! First it felt like ages until Christmas finally arrived and then it’s over just in a blink. Our Christmas was peaceful, I tried to show my chocolate side and to relax. But from the beginning on…


On Friday we had brought in the Christmas tree and decorated it. On Saturday then M said, ok, I’ll risk my life and try to get the last fresh things we’ll need for Christmas aka doing the groceries. You always get the kind of feeling that world war is shortly before launching when you hit the grocery store to get your daily stuff. M called it apocalypse! He was surprised to see mums with small upper arms pulling with one hand and pushing with another hand big carts full with groceries… I went to the gym, while M was fighting for some berries, a box of milk and another few very basic items.

Later in the day we baked some more cookies – two half rounds glued together by a layer of dark chocolate. The dough reminding of shortbread with a very nutty note of walnuts. The walnuts toasted and skinned to tickle the most flavor out of the walnuts. Can you taste them already?

Those are the cookies before baking. The look like marbles, each weighs 5gr.


The filled balls…


In the evening we had dinner, nothing special this time: oven-baked salmon, duchess potatoes, green beans and caramelized carrots. As you see just a usual dinner. It was nice anyway. Ecky got his share too and was sooo happy. And then finally it was time to open the presents. I had already seen that M had made pretty big stacks under the tree. Oh man, both of us got a lot of presents: perfume, a handmixer, an elephant sculpture to paint, a new display, a wonderful handbag etc. Ecky got a toy, which he unwrapped.

One day later the toy was lying on its back, obeying Ecky completely, but Ecky don’t know any remorse. He took out the filling until it was completely deflated. And look at his eyes…”no, it wasn’t me…don’t look at me, like I did it…”


On the 1st Christmas day we went for a longer walk with Ecky. We wanted to check out if the snow conditions are good enough to get on our skis. We went to Skistua and from there further up the hill until we were stopped by this sign…


Just close to the military area we enjoyed this sunrise



We ended the day with a visit to the cinema. We watched the life of Pi which we really liked esp. those great pictures with the sky full of stars or the whale pictures.

Yesterday then finally we got on our skis and skied to Estenstadhytta. Those cabins, owned and maintained by the local ski club, are usually very cozy.


The landscape was way too few snow looked like this


We were surprised to see how many people were outside on the track. Sometimes it was very crowded and we were happy after we had made it back to the parking lot. Yesterday evening we had an invitation to some Indian friends. Of course they prepared dinner and as always it was very good and a pity that we got too full all too soon.

Today I went to the office to get the wages ready to be paid tomorrow while M stayed at home with Ecky. Tomorrow we are both at home but we probably have to hit the gym before M has to show his elbow techniques at the grocery store again.

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