This and that – last post of 2012

The weekend was too short as always. I’ll go back to work tomorrow, but only for a few hours before work calls for full days from Wednesday on. M is going to stay at home, probably under the blankie with Ecky, snuggling and sleeping in.

This weekend wasn’t too busy though. We baked a little, had friends over for waffles with hot cherries and went out for a few longer walks.

On Friday we spotted some really rare clouds. Polar stratospheric clouds, type 2. Those clouds seemed to be pinned to the horizon while the other ones moved. In addition they shimmered in a lot of different and beautiful colors. Here a better explanation on wikipedia:

That’s our picture from the back window


In the evening we went to a Christmas concert at the Nidaros cathedral with the cathedrals girls choir, Isa Katharina Gericke (singer), Tine Thing Helseth (trumpet soloist) and the Trondheim Solistene. The concert was very nice and the acoustics in the cathedral is just stunning. We finished the evening over a pizza and a drink at a nearby bar.

On Saturday I felt the need to stock up our freezer with more bagels. We made two batches of bagels: plain bagels with poppy and sesame seeds and a batch of cinnamon and raisin bagels. The cinnamon I used was some that I bought in Denmark. It smelled so intense like the “big red” chewing gum. The bagels didn’t have the best shape this time, but they are chewy and tasty.

Cinnamon raisin bagels rising after the dough had been sitting in the refrigerator over night


Taking a bath in water with baking soda and dark syrup. The longer they bath on each side, the chewier they’ll be later on


Ready to be eaten. Best with some cream cheese


Today then we prepared some Heißewecken. I got the recipe from our friend S. Those flat buns are with raisins and very rich due to the huge amount of butter. But they are gorgeous for breakfast. Just pull them out of the freezer, put them in the toaster and enjoy. 🙂


When we went for a walk with Ecky today, we saw this:

trash cans

OK, I know I’m blowing the fun now, but fireworks in plastic trash bins aren’t that cool after all… We got some too. We’ll light them in an open field wearing our safety glasses, we got when I bought those fireworks.

We have seen the sun a couple of times and it feels like it’s time that spring comes with bright light sunshine and wonderful snow. At the moment we are lacking the snow and the bright sunshine. The sun is trying hard and fighting the back the dark from day to day more. To support this lengthening for spring I made a new bouquet yesterday.


Happy new year everyone!

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