Our blue pony or a never ending story…

Our blue pony, aka our car, a tiny A2 from the outside but huge from the inside came back from the repair yesterday. Finally. It had been at the repair shop for a few days, while it probably felt totally abandoned and sad, but it’s back now. 🙂

Our blue pony from above with our kayaks…

photo (1)

I had brought it to the repair shop cause the brakes sounded kind of weird, like a scratching. In addition the needle of the thermostat of the cooling water didn’t want to rise when driving. It always took ages and I assumed it was just a broken sensors. Well, I was wrong and I was just so short before a complete engine break down (the mechanic made this well known gesture with showing his pointer very close to his thumb, approx only 1 cm or less apart of each other).

Well the busy guys from the repair shop saved our pony’s engine from the death by installing a new water pump to keep the cooling water circulating (I really think the cars should have a warning lamp for a  not working water pump), fixed the brakes by installing a new brake cylinder and they exchanged the timing belt and another one. The price for the repair was way over the hill, but what can you do, when you live in Norway. Everything is expensive and repairs are even worse. The guys didn’t ask too much money for the repair. I can be happy that it wasn’t me who had written the invoice, I’m sure it would have been higher… 😉

I was very happy when I drove to work this morning and the big bill was almost forgotten, but when I turned the key for going home in the afternoon I noticed that the radio didn’t want to work. Well the Norwegian radio is not really worth to listen to anyway but the stereo ate my still pretty new at the moment favorite CD. That really sucks. A new radio at one point, new tires at another and then comes the yearly service and and and… cars are like piggybanks which you can never rob.

We have some pictures we forgot to show but first things first..

I got flowers from Rome. Can you believe it?! I got a lovely pot of Alpine cyclamens from a lovely friend whose always with us in our thoughts. Isn’t it beautiful?!

photo (2)

M took some really cool pics from our balcony at New Year’s Eve.


Next Sunday we’ll have a breakfast and we hope the friends we invited will show up and join. 🙂

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