The sun is back…

Finally the sun is back. *yippie* We have seen it a few times this week and for quite some time this weekend. It feels so good. Yesterday then it snowed a little. Everything looks like covered with powdered sugar. But still we need more before we can even think about going skiing again.


This weekend and the weekend before were quite slow and we were more on the lazy side. We baked a little and we had friends over for a breakfast. They brought fruit salads which were really good and didn’t remind of healthy food at all.

We had prepared a dutch baby, which is a big pancake baked in the oven, instead of on the stove, a challah filled with figs and some french country bread.

Dutch baby




This weekend then we prepared a buttermilk coffee cake with red currant, a cream cheese pound cake, some Naans and english muffins. The cakes turned out well and the breads will be tasted tomorrow.

Coffee cake

IMG_0252 IMG_0259

Pound cake


We went for a walk on the ice yesterday too. Ecky loved it. He could chase a stick oon the ice and could run free unleashed. Have you ever heard the sounds thick ice makes? It sounds like really deep drums. Kind of surreal.

IMG_0250 IMG_0249 IMG_0247 IMG_0245

Those yellow snow pants are great. They keep me nicely warm and add a little color in the gray. But well Eckys paws got quite dirty yesterday and now I’ve yellow pants with a dog paw print…

Our floral decoration is a vase full of tulips. The tulips have started to grow a lot and the blossoms are wide opened. Then on the stairs we have a vase with long branches of cherry. A few blossoms have opened already but a lot more are coming. We really try to light the apartment up as much as possible after those dark months.



Yesterday the highlight of the day were our simple lunch. Toasted slices of fresh bread spread with some mustard l’ancienne covered with some finely chopped lettuce and bell pepper tossed in a simple vinaigrette with aged aceto balsamico tradizionale di Modena, olive oil which tastes like melted butter and honey mustard. On top of that I had placed some seared salmon and a fried egg. Nothing really special, but all fresh, simple and just satisfying.


Just a few minutes ago we had dinner. Did I already mention that M prepares the best Pad Thai ever. It is soooo good. First he prepares a sauce with ginger, cayenne, garlic, veggie broth, tamarind paste, soy sauce, then he chops all the veggies (carrots, savoy cabbage, bell pepper etc) and prepares the bean sprouts and cooks the noodles (Pad Thai or Udon noodles). When those things are done, he finally starts to fire up our cast iron wok and to actually cook the veggies. In the end you get a plate full with steaming veggies, all crisp with a very nice sauce topped with chopped cashews, a drizzle of lime juice and a few coriander leaves. Today we had some in soy sauce marinated and fried tofu in addition. Can you taste it on your tongue? -It’s really good. ❤

Our Ecky lives like a bee in clover. On Friday some cheese and pepper pasta found its way into his belly, yesterday some salmon, of course, someone has to do the quality control, and then today some coffee cake. I got him a new blankie this week. His old one Suzy, was kind of stinky and had way too many holes…now he has dottie and seems to like it. He seems to have the hardest dog life you could imagine.

IMG_1261 photo (3)

M played around with a picture I’d taken yesterday. Can you figure out what it was originally? -Well, it was a picture of apple pancakes… This way it looks more like an alien. 😀


Oh, and those are oatmeal muffins…really nice too. Very rich flavor and the crumb is the dot on top of the i.


Have a great week. We only have to sleep 5 times then we are going to spent a long weekend in Budapest. We really see forward to it. It’s time to leave old Norway for a few days.

One thought on “The sun is back…

  1. I only made some waffles and a brioche this weekend and i felt exhausted 😀 You’ve cooked everythiiing 😀 I’m glad the sun is back, light is our best friend in winter. It’s been super rainy around here :(….

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