In Budapest


After a shorter than usual work day we headed to the airport to finally take off to our short trip to Budapest. Our flight from Trondheim was supposed to leave at 5.15pm, but instead we were waiting for two other passengers trapped on a delayed plane. Well, they didn’t show up, so we left with about 15mins delay, but arrived in Amsterdam 30mins ahead of our schedule. That was nice!

On the way to the next gate we got something to fill our bellies with: panini with tomato and mozzarella and an oatmeal raisin cookie for M and a wild salmon sandwich, a chocolate cookie and a smoothie for me.


Then we planted our butts in economy comfort seats which provided more leg space and took off to Budapest. 2 hours later we landed at the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport and came to a halt next to the gate with the number which provides the answer to all questions of the universe by The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.

IMG_1284After collecting our suitcases from the belt for the passengers from Amsterdam and Milan although M thought that the ones on the belt for the passengers from Berlin and Munich looked much more interesting.. we hoped into a taxi (licensed) and were off to our hotel. The taxi driver pushed nicely the gas and again we thought immediately that the roads in Budapest, even though it’s much poorer than Norway, are way better than at home. I was a bit startled when I saw that the majority of the advertisement for department stores is for German ones Metro, Müller, Spar, Aldi, Lidl, Obi, Rossman, DM  etc. Today then we went to a DM shop and found out that it was an almost 1:1 copy.

But back to yesterday: We arrived shortly before midnight at the hotel. Our room was upgraded thanks to M’s ambassador status. We enjoy a relatively spacious room with river and castle view. It’s amazing.


M directly wanted to catch the opportunity and take a picture. When I turned off the lights to take pictures without any reflections I turned off the lights of the castle and the Chain bridge too. Cool! Turning them back on again, didn’t work unfortunately.


In the morning we woke up with empty bellies which forced us out of our nice beds (M: the nice thing of expensive hotels is, that the beds and pillows are much better than at home) and down to the breakfast buffet. We had then a good meal with pancakes, eggs, fruits, pastries etc which was a perfect base to walked up the hill to the castle. Lazy people can take the cable car up to the hill!

Chain bridge


Matthias church


After a few hours of wandering through the city we had to warm up at a cafe. We chose hot chocolate, tea and muffins.


On our way back to the hotel we passed a building, the Mariott hotel which is so ugly that we baptized it the Stasi central.


Then we needed an extended nap before we went off to find the pool and swam a few laps. It’s a very nice pool and the gym is big. We’ll test the gym tomorrow morning and probably the pool again. Swimming makes you hungry right? And we had to spend an hour before we could go to the restaurant where we had a reservation. Solution: We went to the hotel bar and I had a piece of cake. Yummy!


The bar area of the hotel


We had a reservation for the Spoon, a river boat restaurant on the Danube. We chose salads as starters, fish (butterfish and red snapper) for the main course and M had a brownie with vanilla ice cream for desert. It was good, nice and the view from the bathrooms is incredible.

Red snapper with caramelized salsifies and red curry sauce


Butterfish with mashed purple potatoes and basil sauce


The ladies bathroom (M couldn’t take a picture of the mens bathroom since he wasn’t alone there)


For tomorrow then we have reservations for the Cyrano for lunch to eat lentil ragout and for the evening at the Costes, a one star restaurant. We see forward to both restaurants. Otherwise we’ll work out a little, enjoy a good breakfast, wander around and just enjoy being outside of Norway.

One thought on “In Budapest

  1. Lovely! Enjoy your trip love birds! And you seems to find the most exquisite food wherever you go! Thaks for letting us see the great view! :*

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