Birthday came early this year

I got a box. A medium-sized but quite heavy box. And I’d gotten the permission to open it even though my birthday is still several days actually two weeks away.


The box contains several different jams which I all love. I know I’ll have to share them with M, but that’s ok. Well, he should be nice. 😉
And then the best of all, can you see this tiny but so cool tortoise? Isn’t it gorgeous? I’ll have to find a very special place for it.
In addition my best friend, the sender of the box, thought ahead and added some nice egg warmer. Easter is coming soon. 🙂 They’ll make our table a bit more colorful.
And those two packs of red cabbage will be gone soon. Vanished in our bellies mixed with potatoes and fried eggs. I really see forward to it.
That was a pretty awesome start into the weekend. Thank you!

Otherwise it has been a bit stressy around here. But we managed to have a breakfast with our friend and his girlfriend. She is from Thailand and is staying here for three months. She’s pretty brave and did some skiing already. She spoils her boyfriend who loves Thai food and she spoiled us with her kindness and bread spread. It’s made with potatoes, coconut milk, fresh peanuts and some Thai spices. It’s slightly spicy and just yummy on a fresh bun.
I’d prepared just a few simple things like salmon potato quiche, bread, buns and oatmeal pancakes.
Yes, those pancakes are edible and actually pretty good even though they contain porridge. Preparing the porridge isn’t really that easy. I’m constantly fight with the feeling that I have to gag.


Another thing we did was skiing. It was great. We went early to avoid most of the Norwegians. The tracks get just too crowded then and well you want to do others things too.
We did our round, got a hot cocoa and a boller and then we went back home, where Ecky was waiting for us.

A bit foggy but otherwise good skiing conditions esp after you have applied the right wax on your skis… That’s something M still needs to train a little 😉


From inside the cabin where we enjoyed warm drinks and cinnamon boller










Can you guess what’s going on? – Yes, a little munchkin is on the way. Due in September.
Can you guess the reaction of our landlord? – Well, we are looking for a new apartment now. She thinks the ceiling between her and our apartment is too thin and wants us to move out. Renovating here wasn’t too noisy and her kids banging the doors that isn’t too noisy either. Well, we’ll find another place where we can enjoy our life with carved pumpkins in front of the door at Halloween, not fearing that our dog might be rolling his tiny little ball too loud or me being accused of baking too much and blowing the fuses.
She’ll have to consider not renting out again which would be the most silent solution for her troubled 43 year-old ears (of course she doesn’t know people to know her real age that’s why she tries to dress like a teenager) or hoping of finding rentals who renovate, accept that they have bad TV signal and internet connection or don’t mind to pay the electricity for her garage door.


And since I’m known for baking wayyyyy too much which causes fuses to blow, I prepared those last weekend:

Nutty Magdalenas


The recipe is from here:





Have a great weekend!

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