New apartment and the visit of a 5-year old


The last days have been just crazy. We got the apartment and we even have signed the rental contract. We’ll get the keys for our new place just after Easter which means we won’t search for chocolate eggs or relax on Easter. This year we’ll pack move boxes at Easter. We have already started with cleaning out and the attic is more or less done. 🙂 It’s always surprising how much somebody can collect within a few years.

The day after we have gotten the keys a moving company will help us moving all of our stuff. M will be the supervisor while Ecky and I go to the office and do some accounting. When we come home everything is at the new place and only waiting to be unpacked.

Our landlady has already found two new rentals. Which is great for us. This way she won’t bug us anymore about paying longer just that she can rest her a**. The new rentals are two girls and they seem pretty sassy. When M offered them our dishwasher we got the reply: “I see it for *****NOK on the internet. So that’s my offer. -Name” We haven’t even put it up yet and well if they don’t want then not. No problem.

Last weekend we had guests. A little 5-year old girl with her dad and mom. Her dad and M are colleagues. They came over for cake and coffee and it was lovely. The daughter loves pets and she was very excited to meet Ecky. He likes kids especially when they give him time to get to know them. This little charming girl gave Ecky his time and then they played: she threw the ball, she made him do tricks, she put treats in toys, she went with him for a walk and she cuddled him. Ecky was happy and the girl was happy. After they’d left Ecky deflated and had to rest on the sofa. The only thing we heard was a groaning when I stopped scratching him.

Only changing his position and groaning…

IMG_1509IMG_1505 IMG_1503IMG_1510

I’d prepared some chocolate muffins for the little visitor and a cheese cake, called Philadelphia Torte for the older ones. It’s called Philadelphia Torte because you use 3 packs of Philadelphia cream cheese in addition to 0,5l of whipped cream, a bit of lemon juice and other ingredients. It was good.

The chocolate muffins


The Philadelphia torte (instead of preparing the bottom out of cookie crumbs and butter, I bake a sponge cake)


Yesterday I’d borrowed the keys for the new apartment to do some measuring. We walked with Ecky to the new place and showed him the place. He’s going to live there too though he’ll have to like it and it looked like he was satisfied with our pick. He ran tail wagging through the apartment and looked out of the huge windows which lead to the terrace. And then we met one of our new neighbors. He has a dog too and gave Ecky a treat. Of course Ecky had to show his skeptical look first, but then well he is easy to bribe and his skepticism was gone.

We see forward to move into our new home. 🙂

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