Bday finally!

It’s officially my bday. Finally! Finally my mum can tease me with now I’m heading straight to the 40. 😉


The day started way too early for M. I was awake at 4.45am as usual. I got a happy birthday from M and he wished that we sleep for a little while again. Hmm, I tried it again and after a felt eternity I begged M to have breakfast. So, M made breakfast while I had to stay in bed. Good that Ecky was there and we could cuddle.

But then: no present, no cake, nothing, just a little breakfast. The reason was that we wanted to go running and would have the real breakfast after the gym. Well, ok…
When we were done and I made Eckys food I looked at the clock and it was just 7am. Oops, it was really early.

After the running M decorated the cake and suddenly there were flowers and a present. 🙂 We had a really nice second breakfast with cake, fresh and hot buttermilk biscuits and birthday cake.

The flowers: roses and ranunculuses



The cake: cocoa sponge cake with pureed raspberries and filling made of pureed raspberries, cream cheese, yoghurt and whipped cream


The present was a necklace with a nice pendant. M has a very good taste.


The day continued for M and a friend with going to the dump to get rid of all the old junk before we start to pack and move into our new apartment in as little as a bit more than a week. Our friends girlfriend and I played with Ecky in the meanwhile and then we prepared pizza rolls.
Ecky is completely powered out today and his main position since this afternoon has been this one:


I got wonderful emails, calls and presents. The day was nice even though M had to go to the dump. I got a new recipe book from my dear friend Ba about Rome and Roman kitchen, a new kitchen scale and some treats from my mum and dad and espresso cups from my finnish family, well and then there was the jam box I’d shown earlier. The jams are great by the way. 🙂

Thank you all so much, you made my day. I love you guys and especially M and Ecky.

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