Almost done

The move is almost done! 🙂

The new living room with open sliding doors. The landscaping is under construction.


The last week was very long and tiring. Every night we more or less passed out the moment we hit the bed and only hoped that our backs will be better the next morning.
M did a great job and brought a lot of loads with stuff from the old place to the new one. He was my busy bee. I was at the new place and tried to unpack as many boxes as possible.
Most of the shelves are up, just the decoration, ironed curtains (I still haven’t found the the iron) and a few other things are missing.

A part of the living room


The kitchen


The old place is cleaned and handed back. Good that it wasn’t too dirty. I’d trouble to get the windows clean. First I couldn’t get off the drops and then I always had streaks. That was a pain. But oven & grill cleaner did a great job getting off the drops and those disposable floor clothes took care of the streaks. 🙂

Then yesterday M escaped the chaos and hopped on a plane to Shanghai. He’ll be there for the next few days. Ecky and I already miss him dearly and we hope that we can do some further cleaning /tidying at home.

But I used the opportunity to have a girls night. So yesterday evening three friends came over and we had a lovely evening.
They had even thought about my bday which was a couple of weeks ago and I got roses and a very nice necklace.


The rest of the days will be used for going to the gym, cleaning and cuddling Ecky.

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