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The last two weeks have been exciting and exhausting. First M went for a business trip to Shanghai. He came back without getting the flu, but with a nice jetlag and kind of hungry since the food wasn’t the greatest he had eaten during his stay there.

So, I made lunch for him: Chana Masala, green salad, spring rolls, strawberries and a chocolate cake. He ate and enjoyed it. Then he took a very well deserved nap. He had been up for over 30 hours and was just exhausted.

The spring rolls before baking


On Monday this week we went to the ultrasound and saw our boy. Yes, we are expecting a little boy. He has 10 tiny fingers and toes, the spine looks like a pearl chain and the ribs are very thin sticks. He can roll, stretch out, do somersaults and seems to be a restless little bugger. 😉 We had fun watching him while the midwife tried to do her measurements. Every time she thought she had him to measure the head or heart rate he was gone again. M heard his heart beat for the first time which was very touching. We see forward to the next ultrasound in about a month. Then we hope to see him in 3D/4D.

I’d posted the little romper I’d bought and we have continued with getting other stuff like this onesie:

IMG_1659-1 IMG_1660

Then on Tuesday I went to the county governor and applied for the divorce. The separation year was over and well, we want that our boy has the right father from the beginning on. Since Thursday I’m officially divorced and the decision is final. Now we only need to apply for the approval in Germany. The first steps to get it done are taken too.

Yesterday then we had a few friends over for dinner. Those friends helped us with the move and we wanted to thank them. It was supposed to be something simple, not too kinky, but still delicious meal. We went for a red bean chili, cornbread, baguettes, green salad, a cucumber cole slaw and an apple cake with vanilla sauce. It was good and M and I ate way too much.

The red bean chili contains 1/3 cup chili powder! Yes, but it’s not spicy. It has a little kick, but not too bad. In addition it contains cumin and cocoa powder and cider vinegar. I love to use our Dutch oven for this dish. This heavy pot looks kind of cool when you have it sitting in the middle of the table with a bunch of people around it.

Chili for a double batch of red bean chili


The cucumber cole slaw is made from only a handful ingredients: white cabbage, english cucumber, dill and the marinate contains white wine vinegar, sugar, salt and water. Just slice the cucumber and cabbage as thinly as possible, mix it with the dill. Then mix the mariante pour it over your green ingredients and let it sit for at least an hour. It’s great! I was surprised how much I like it.


The cake recipe is from a friend and originally prepared with a sour cider, a French apple wine which sparkles a bit. Since I’m pregnant and you can’t get the right cider here anyway I use apple juice instead. It’s as delicious as with cider. The filling is embedded in a crunchy slightly sweet crust and topped with vanilla sauce or ice cream. No wishes left over, at least not for me…

IMG_0557 IMG_0560

The baguettes were just simple sourdough ones and the cornbread is with corn kernels which you let run through the food processor. They give a deeper flavor than just polenta flour.





Next week we are heading to the US. M has already started to pack since the days until our departure are -as usual- pretty packed. Ecky is keeping a close eye on M that he doesn’t pack the wrong things. 😉 I’ll start to think about the packing the evening before we leave. I would be surprised if my night would be much longer than 3 hours. It’s just so, I’m way too nervous to sleep before going on a trip anyway. Instead of tossing from one side to the other trying to get some sleep I can better pack and get prepared for the trip.

Ecky is training for the long flight too…


We’ll update the blog with some pictures. Cross fingers for us next week Sunday when we have to run the half marathon, the two of us are running for three. 😮

Have a great week!


P.S.: I had a friend over this week and we prepared some healthy muffins for her son who turned three. We made blueberry bran muffins. They were nice but way too fast eaten. So the next day I made another batch this time with raspberries and honey. Those are a great breakfast treat.


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