We made it


After a little more than 2 hours of flight time to Amsterdam, followed by another 9 hours 45 min to Seattle and a 5,5 hours drive from Seattle to Eugene we arrived in Eugene around 7pm yesterday evening.
Ecky was great, he didn’t complain nor bark. Now he’s enjoying the fish pond and the back yard.

Above Greenland


Seattle from the air


Eckys “drinking station” in the car


We started the day with looking at the pram we had ordered, then bagels from Humble Bagel. They were good but not as chewy as they should be.
In the afternoon then we picked up our race packages and got an ice cream from Prince Pückler. A scoop of bittersweet nuggets (dark chocolate with chocolate chunks) and a scoop of each cheery bing and mint chips for M. Otherwise we are slow today. Just enjoying the 25C, the sun and the bright green of the trees and the colorful Rhododendrons.


Tonight we’ll have some Parmigiana and a couple of M’s friend are going to visit.

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