So far…


Half of our time in Eugene is already over. The time seems to fly.

We start the day with bagels from Humble Bagel or english muffins, then comes a walk with our boy followed by some work at the house.
We’ve painted the small toilet and shower so far. M is fixing smth at the roof and has cleaned both roofs.

Last week Sunday we ran the half marathon. If you believe it or not, we have our problems to believe it too, we really made it all the way from the start to the finish at the stadium. 🙂
Then in the evening we had a catch up with our friends which was so nice. Where would we be without them?!

Today we took a day off from working / painting to spend the day in Portland. E had three missions:
1. Outlet Woodburn: new Levis jeans, baby clothes, a Le Creuset pan
2. Lunch at the Loving hut in Portland, our favorite vegan restaurant
3. Powell’s city of books

All three missions are accomplished. Pics of the baby clothes follow later. The lunch was just yummy.


At the moment we are at Powell’s and M is thinking about pulling the suitcases on Monday. 😎 I found two pretty heavy books. Good that M is a strong man.


The next days are going to be filled with more paint jobs and work, visiting the dentist, getting a Ducks romper, eating at Alexanders Great Falafel, meeting friends, filling the last spare spaces in our suitcases.

Btw the weather is awesome. Sun shine, blue sky and warmth. 🙂

Off to the rose garden now…

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