As promised

As I’d promised yesterday here some pics of the clothes we got for our little munchkin.

Overall jeans a must-have




Since munchkin has to be for the right football team from the beginning on…


We are both fans of beanies and have a lot, we had to get this one


and two rompers for the little one when he comes home from the hospital



The visit at the rose garden was nice even though we missed the roses. It was still a bit too early for them. The weather was great and the rhododendron were at least as beautiful as the roses



An early bloomer


Today then we went to Target to get e.g. press’n seal, pop tarts, mio etc. Those things will ease coming back to Norway but it’ll be hard no matter what we are bringing with us. The ease, the lush greens, the huge selection of produce and veggie food and the nice weather will be hard to forget when in Norway… we hope spring has started by the time we are back next week.

2 thoughts on “As promised

  1. Such cute clothes and lovely flowers…you two always find the beautiful things wherever you go 🙂 Have fun for the time left and get back home safely… I hope you won’t miss the weather too much! Hugs my friends 🙂

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