Sea mouse and plants


Last weekend we had a visitor at our place: a friend from Oulu who lives in Gothenburg nowadays.

When she arrived it was raining but later on the weather got better and better! It was a nice weekend and we all had a lot of fun.
We had to show her downtown and one of Trondheims most important attractions: the fish market. If you want to get fresh fish, good quality, maybe even a recommendation how to prepare it, then the fish market “Ravnkloa” is the right spot. The clerks are friendly and the prices are fair, don’t worry the Bergen fish market experience: getting crappy fish for way too steep prices.

This time they had to sell something special. It’s called “havmus” (sea mouse) in Norwegian, in English it’s a rabbit or a rat fish. It has a long tail, a poisonous spike which can cause pretty bad pain, big eyes and teeth! Those rat fishes don’t visit the Trondheim fjord too often…


It’ll be our lunch on one of the next free days. 🙂 Otherwise we stocked up on fresh cod for fish tacos and some cold smoked salmon which is always nice of a sandwich.

After that kind of exciting morning with the sea mouse we had to go to the vet for the second round of worm treatment with Ecky. He survived it and soon we had to hit the running path along the fjord. But don’t think it’s all flat just because it’s along the coast. No! It’s g** d*** hilly but the view was great. And well, exercise doesn’t harm, at least usually.
As a treat were some fish tacos waiting for us. Yummy! The Friday ended with this spectacular sun set


On Saturday my friend and I went to buy plants for the terrace. Our neighbor had told me that they had good offers so I decided that our terrace was in a deep need of plants too. While M and the friend went to the open air museum, Ecky and I did some planting.

Et voilà:



I made a cake too, a cream cheese pound cake with poppy seeds. It’s a very old-fashioned pound cake adapted from Smitten kitchen and then pimped up a little bit. We love it cause it’s moist, has a slight flavor of marzipan but not too strong with a very fine crumb.
It doesn’t look too great but it does taste very good.


On Saturday afternoon our friends Finnish roots were tickling: she wanted to take a bath in the fjord. Brr! She did it and Ecky joined for a round. Photos are coming later!

In the last days we have been blessed with spectacular clouds and sun sets.


Do you remember the yellow racing cart we have gotten for our little munchkin? -Right, it has a footmuff and Ecky loves it.


Taking a 5 min nap


We’ll have off on Friday and Monday, so don’t expect us to be too busy. We plan to go kayaking though. Pictures will follow!

Have a great week!

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