The kayak season has started or Captain Ecky


We have had 4!! days off. Friday was the Norwegian 4th of July and today is the second day of Pentecost. 4 days off in a row is already pretty cool, even cooler when the weather is as great as it was. We had unbelievable 25C since Friday, blue sky and no clouds. Just today it was cloudy and a bit cooler. But let’s start on Friday.

Friday was the 17. of May which is the Norwegian Constitution day and then the Norwegians go -more or less- crazy. Almost every household has at least one flag, almost all are wearing their Bunads (traditional costumes), there are big parades downtown and almost every one is there to watch them. They always hope for great weather but usually it’s raining and the wind blows. This time it was hot. Really hot and downtown was even more packed than usual.

Our friends dog Lexie, even dogs wear a ribbon with the Norwegian colors


We celebrated the day with going with Ecky to the fjord and let him swim, enjoy a free day and relax. In the evening we met with friends and had pizza.

IMG_1933 IMG_1934

Ecky or the seal


Saturday then we thought to visit IKEA and get a couple of new shelves. We are well trained in putting the Stolmen shelves up, but nothing is forever and since it was already over 1,5 months since we had put up those shelves the last time, we felt in the need of training…

Tadaaa our new shelf in the living room. Still a bit empty but it shouldn’t take us too long to fill it up.


In the evening we opened the kayak season 2013. We went to the Jonsvatnet lake just 10min of driving from our door. The weather was amazing and we had a great time. I’m 24 weeks, our boy is kicking and I’m still fitting in my kayak. I can’t zip my floatation vest anymore but the buckle fits still. So, I’m ready for some more kayak trips before our boy is popping. 🙂

IMG_0064 IMG_0062 IMG_0059 IMG_0057 IMG_0069 IMG_0052

Yesterday we started with a nice breakfast, bran muffins for me and an omelette with vegetables for M. Then he went for a bike ride and enjoyed the warmth and lush colors. Ecky and I enjoyed the sun on our deck. Later I made the dough for English muffins cause our friend H was here for breakfast today. Otherwise the Sunday was pretty slow.

Omelette for M

IMG_1965 IMG_1966

Today H came on German time. That means he was here at 9.00 am. Not a minute too early nor too late but we weren’t ready this time. I had just started with baking waffles, the English muffins were still in the pan and the eggs boiling. The breakfast was nice and afterwards H and M started to take my kitchen machine apart to see what’s wrong with it and maybe even try to fix it… When I’d been kneading the dough for a loaf of toast the other day the machine had made a scary noise and I was afraid that she had quit her job. In the end I was right or as my friend S would say: R.I.P. little kitchen machine you have had a short but very labour intense life. ;( Kind of sassy, at least she gets thrown out of bed at 5.30am cause her dog tries to find out how fast he can warm up again under her blanket. And that on vacation. I actually feel a bit of pity…

H and M had to use a crowbar to open the upper arm and from there on it didn’t take any more too long to get to the gears and see what’s wrong. It seems that we have a bunch of spare parts now, if we decide to get the same machine again.

IMG_1970 IMG_1972

Tonight we went to visit our friend C. She lives close to the shore and we thought, well  let’s take the kayaks. And this time we took Ecky with us too. He was our captain and told us – pointed- the right direction. Every now and then he decided to take a dive and swim along my kayak.

Trying to drink…


Okay, straight ahead… you paddle I show the direction

IMG_0082 IMG_0086

Swimming time – throw the stick…I’m waiting…come on…

IMG_0087 IMG_0089 IMG_0089

Tomorrow we’ll have to go back to work and be productive. A lot of work is waiting after all those free days. The next public holidays are in December – Christmas. Fortunately we’ll get a little bit earlier some free time due to our little Munchkin.

Have a great week!

Btw perfect food to cool down


One thought on “The kayak season has started or Captain Ecky

  1. Oh those pics of mirrored landscapes on the lake are so beautiful! I’m glad the 20+ degrees decided to give you a break from the cold, down here it’s been rainy for almost a week and we’re getting back our sun too now!
    It sounds like a great WE!!!

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