The weekend is…over again…

photoThe weekend flew by in a blink as usual and right now we are getting mentally ready to return to work tomorrow. The weather has changed from nice and warm to the usual rainy trøndersk weather. But it’s supposed to get better already next week. Wohooo! I hope it’s true.

Last week I and our friend I went with our dogs, our trouble maker and I’s cute Pug Lexie, to the fjord. So far I’d assumed that Lexie is kind of slow. Well, she doesn’t look like a sprinter. But oh man, I was so wrong. When she saw the water she turned into a rocket and plowed through the water. It was so cool to see this of energy bursting dog. Ecky was like usual waiting that one of us would throw a stick he could get then.

Where shall we go?



Lexie says: Do you have a treat??

IMG_0118 IMG_0082

Then we went to the next ultrasound to see our little rascal again. He has grown quite a bit and weighs actually 5% more than the average (please, don’t grow too much, I don’t want to have to deliver a little mountain…you can grow later on too). As the last time he moved around a lot and suddenly he was all shy and tried to hide in my pelvis. But we got a good look at him in the beginning and can say that he seems to have my nose. 😎

This week I’ve tried creating selfmade yoghurt and frozen yoghurt popsicles. Both worked out. The frozen yoghurt was made out of rasp- and strawberries with a tiny amount of sugar, vanilla and yoghurt. Then frozen into the shape of rockets.

Somebody happy with raspberry strawberry frozen yoghurt popsicles with chocolate sauce at the tip


Making yoghurt seems to be very easy but there is this BUT. It’s like an oversensitive creature. Don’t disturb it, the tiniest vibrations while it’s sitting and the bacteria are doing there work and turns out to get kind of grainy. You can fix it by pressing it through a strainer. The flavor was great and the next jar to make yoghurt is already sitting in the bathroom.

Oh, and finally yesterday evening M made popcorn. Yummy! We’d brought a jug of popcorn corn with us from the US and it turned out to be really good. The only problem or at least my problem is that you have really trouble to stop eating this fresh still handwarm slightly salty popcorn…heaven is calling!

photo (1)

And we prepared a few sweet buns with raisins. This time with 50% whole wheat flour but don’t worry you don’t start to cough. They are soft and not dry at all


Eckys favorite place


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