Back to the Norwegian standard summer


I was very hopeful that the good weather would come back latest by Tuesday… well it stayed away and instead we continued to have a typical week of a standard Norwegian summer: rain, wind, sun, rain, low temperatures etc. The best way to deal with it is baking and having friends coming over and in Eckys opinion to take a nap on the most comfortable blanket in the house…

On Friday I started with a lemon poppy seed pound cake with lemon glaze, yesterday we started the day with Mark Bittmans “cardamom-scented oatmeal pancakes with apricots and almonds” for breakfast ( The pancakes have a nice crunch due to the chopped almonds and the oats. I only added 4 tbsp of sugar since I don’t drown my pancakes in syrup like a certain American. 😎


Later on I prepared mini-shells filled with cream and berries and a rhubarb strawberry crumbler and today then two kinds of scones and a slightly different version of the filled shells to make our friends happy.

The pound cake looked again a bit soggy but isn’t soggy at all. It’s moist and has a fine crumb. It just contains a lot of eggs, cream cheese and the other usual ingredients of a pound cake, except baking powder. Additionally I added lemon zest and poppy seeds and poured lemon syrup over the cake while it was still hot.


For the mini-shells I used a standard recipe for the dough and used the mold for the mini muffins. After they were completely cooled we filled them with whipped cream and fruits. I’d planned to glaze them with some gelatine made from red juice but I’d ran out of gelatine leaves, so no glaze.

Ready to go into the refrigerator


Rolled out between two layers of cling film


Finally all molds are covered




Ready to vanish in the belly


The crumbler was pimped with a pinch of ginger in the fruit mix and cane sugar in the crumbs. We served it handwarm with whipped cream. Our friends liked both the mini-shells and the crumbler.


Today then another couple with their kids were supposed to visit. So I made a second batch of the shells and some scones. But I just couldn’t decide on the type of scones. In the end I prepared two types: one elaborate recipe for plain scones and an easier one for whole wheat ricotta scones with raspberries. The first ones came out with a very tender crumb, the second ones taste good, but lost their shape during the baking. What a shame!

The second version of the mini-shells


Batter of the whole wheat ricotta scones with raspberries, ready to be frozen


The disaster after the baking


The dough of the plain scones cut into triangles after 2 hours in the refrigerator


after the freezingIMG_0153-001

after the bakingIMG_0155-001

Ecky prefered to take naps, open boxes with treats or flip over his toy bucket (yes, those toys are all Ecky’s).

IMG_0125-001 IMG_0129-001

So, weather I’m still waiting for sunshine and blue sky. Maybe you could decide to come back this week?!

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