Sunshine is back…wohoooooo


The sunshine is back! The weather forecast had promised nicer weather but until yesterday lunch time it didn’t look like sunshine at all. But suddenly it came back and we enjoyed our dinner on the terrace.


Today then the nice weather stayed and we had breakfast with friends outside! on the terrace and even opened the parasol. Yes, we have a parasol (a huuuuuuge one) since Wednesday. I’d helped our neighbor to put up hers and then I told M, you know what, come straight home after work, skip the groceries and we’ll go and get a parasol too. Said and done! 🙂 Of course Wednesday was the only nice day until yesterday and from tomorrow on it’s supposed to rain again but let’s see we enjoy the nice weather as long as we have it.

On Thursday we went to another ultrasound. The hospital had asked us if we would like to support the future midwives in training analyzing the fetus heart in exchange we would get another look at our munchkin and another picture. Why not?! The ultrasound session lasted for over an hour. Two midwives shoved and pushed the ultrasound head over my belly and a lot of jelly. We saw the valves of the heart opening and closing and munchkin had one hick-up after another. That he’s a little humble bee who has to move around all the time isn’t anything new. 😉

Friday night we had an invitation to pizza at our friends I & J. I prepared one pizza just with veggies and one for the meat eaters. The veggie one was delicious. She had topped it on one half with cocktail tomatoes, corn and mozzarella and the other half with olives and red onions. The crust was just right: crispy and neither too thick nor too thin. I think I’ll call her from now on: the pizza master. For dessert I’d prepared a devil’s chocolate food cake. It was good too.

The cake

IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0014

Yesterday then we spent most of the day with being lazy. In the evening I started to prepare todays breakfast: the scones and the porridge (yuck) for the oatmeal pancakes. Today then our friends I & J with Lexie and our Swedish friend H joined to have breakfast with us. I’d made some pancakes, plain scones and scones with almonds and dark chocolate, scrambled eggs with bell pepper and broccoli, bagels (I’d made 34! this week) and the other usual stuff like berries and fruits.

The scones before they went into the oven


Small pieces of heaven


Dried apricots and almonds are ready to be mixed into the oatmeal batter


Breakfast table half way set and our friends still missing


Just now we are done with dinner: blackened salmon with cayenne penne rigatte and broccoli cauliflower sprouts. It was good and this way satisfied we can close this weekend soon.

No picture. We were too hungry to take a picture. 😎

Btw I’ve been busy with continuing my knitting project: a hooded jacket for munchkin. I use a very soft alpaca silk wool for it and I is my moral support. She’s knitting a baby jacket too. It’s so nice when you can knit together with a friend and complain that the knitting project feels more like chewing gum….it takes ages… but only two sleeves, the hood and the edges are missing. Then the next project is waiting.

Munchkin got a body from I. She couldn’t wait until he has actually arrived. We both love it. 🙂


Have a great week with hopefully great weather!

Eckys date – Lexie


Sunset yesterday evening midnight over the Trondheims fjord


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