No 1 is done


Finally I finished the first knitted piece of cloth for our munchkin. It’s made from an alpaca-silk wool and very soft. I hope he’ll like it. Yesterday then I started with the next project: a blanket made out of 100% alpaca wool in a dark purple. 😎

For M the time had come and he really wanted that we get a new kitchen machine. So on Monday moved the new kitchen slave in. I’m still not sure if I like it or not. The size of the bowl is nice and much bigger than the one of the former slave, but the mixing doesn’t work as nicely as the old one.

Kenwood Major Titanium


But I prepared a first bread and it came out nicely. The hole in the crumb is my fault, I peaked the sensor of our thermostate into the loaf to measure the core temperature (should be at least 95C) to make sure it’s done.

Rye bread with a lot of seeds


Yesterday we made a French country bread.


One of the side effects of being pregnant is that you have to visit the restroom 24/7  more often than in not-pregnant condition. Usually it sucks to get about 5 times up every night, but sometimes it gives you the opportunity to take pictures of beautiful sunrises around 3 am…


This look I got when I visited our friend I and Lexie and didn’t have another treat for Lexie… I felt so bad..


And Ecky completely occupied by a big chunk of lamb meat…


Have a great week!

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