Too much energy…


Yes, last week was busy which explains the late post and I’d way too much energy for what I paid then Friday night…

We went kayaking on Thursday and Ecky as our captain joined. He was the hero of the day and we had a lot of fun. I don’t know what had happened to me during the kayak trip cause I felt like I’d indulged a few energy drinks… and I was in deep need to get rid of this energy.


So, after dinner I got started and prepared butterscotch sauce for in top of ice cream, caramel which was supposed to be soft but was hard and the batter for cookies with nuts and chocolate.

The butterscotch sauce was a hit and M enjoyed it on top of vanilla ice cream. Now it’s even more difficult for M to resist the craving for a bowl with ice cream since we have a Tupper container with butterscotch sauce (and one with peanut caramel) in the refrigerator just waiting to be warmed up and poured over ice cream or a piece of cake… Life can be very hard!



The salty caramel which I needed for another recipe turned out stone hard instead of soft and dental filling pulling. I’d kept a very close eye on the thermometer during preparation and followed exactly the temperatures. This catastrophe made me stay up half of the night, brooding over this disaster. The only solution instead of making a new batch right away: a new trial next morning and a new thermometer.

Cooking caramel


Cooling down


Out of the pan waiting to be cutOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


And when you are boiling sugar with syrup accidents can happen… for me the probe of the thermometer fell out of the pot when I stirred in the cream and caused quite a mess. In this moment I was happy it had fallen on to our stove and not my mums…she would have killed me by making threads on my neck or something like it. Well, over an hour of cleaning later the stove was clean again. Finally! *phew*



The batter for the cookies with nuts and chocolate was as easy as a piece of pie. I prepared the batter Thursday night and baked the first two trays Friday morning before Ecky and I brought M with some fresh cookies in his backpack to the office. 😎


Come on…can’t take ages to bake those cookies…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ready. Finally! But 10min later the first tray was almost emptied…don’t even think about it was me…nooooooooo!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As everyone of you knows an apartment needs to get cleaned every now and then and groceries have to be done too. I usually do those things on Fridays and I did this last week too. Except that I extended the list of to do’s by a couple of new recipes I’d to try: chocolate tartlets filled with a salty caramel and ganache and salty peanut cookies.

The chocolate tartlets before baking


Baked and filled with a salty caramelOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Tadaaa! Filled with the ganache and sprinkled with a few sea salt crystalsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Salty peanut cookies

before baking


After filling with the peanut caramel


And then we had run out of snacks. Americans love their strange snacks like salty pretzels mixed with nuts which are covered with a spicy sweet glaze.. Sounds exactly what Preggers would go for except me. 😉


Friday ended with having our friends J & I with Lexie over for some fish tacos. J & M had went for a short kayak trip on the nearby lake while I & I chatted. The dinner was fun and then I just fell asleep, well almost. The moment I hit the mattress I felt my back and I only thought: That’s not good, not good at all. M brought me an ice pack and I could fall asleep…but then I needed to get up to get to the restroom, well M had to get up too, because I didn’t manage it by myself. Fortunately my back felt better the next morning and today I got to hear quite a sermon from my Chiro… and I’d to swear no cooking. Just resting with an ice pack on the sofa… OK!

M had fun with Ecky again. Can you find him?!


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