One more time…


Once more the sun came back. We had sunshine and blue sky today after days with a downpour. We were wondering how long the rain could go keeping. Ecky didn’t really mind if it was raining, dropping just a little bit or a full downpour.


Today he had an appointment at the groomer. His fur was ripe to be trimmed and so we had to do the tour. He doesn’t like the groomer but they are much faster than I would ever be. Mr Ecky doesn’t like to wait until I’m done or he’s as impatient as I am.

As a reward for his braveness we went to the fjord afterwards and he could go swimming.


Later in the evening we had an unexpected guest: Lee, a 14-year-old Chihuahua. She’s a pretty sassy old lady and Ecky keeps his distance. If someone throws a ball, it’s Lees. She is just hilarious and today was the first time that M and I could give her some claps and scratches. Sheira was outside too but limited since she has her heat right now. Poor one!

image-1 (1)

Tomorrow Ecky has to be brave again. He has to visit the vet to get his teeth cleaned. I’m sure he’ll be pretty pissed at me. But that’s tomorrows problem…

Last week Friday I went picking raspberries. I got almost 18 lbs in 4 hours. I was slow, but it was nice though. Just the raspberries, my audiobook and me.


When I came home dinner waited for me and a bouquet of beautiful roses. 🙂


Saturday then we went to Sweden to pick up some funny tights and other things for munchkin and to get some groceries. Later in the day I prepared the raspberries and since I hadn’t enough to do, I prepared tomato sauce from 8 lbs of tomatoes. I was so tired that I even didn’t notice when friends came for a short visit. The weather was perfect and M and Ecky went for a longer round…

Can you imagine a little Pampers butt tucked into those tights? 8)


Yes, it’s Ecky and still the old one, he didn’t grow any wings. 🙂

IMG_0090 IMG_0100

On Sunday we used the rest of the raspberries which I hadn’t frozen and had a raspberry apple crumbler for breakfast.


I’ve just one more time left to go to work before my leave starts. The last weeks flew by and from Tuesday on I’ll be at home for at least 9 weeks. How long exactly depends on our little munchkin.

For our little munchkin we got this lamp. It ‘s a bit kitschy but the star sky is awesome.


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