A mixed bag of surprises

imageThis last week has been full of surprises. The weather was crappy most of the week but changed to the better yesterday evening. Finally! Ecky and I’ve been soaking wet almost every day after we’d brought M to work or picked him up again.

Ecky is a pretty tough little bugger. He survived the teeth cleaning at the vet last week but was pretty sleepy afterwards. Since then we’re brushing his teeth every night.

image-1Since Tuesday I’m officially on maternity leave which is weird. And. I’m already bored. It’s not that here isn’t enough to do like cleaning etc but that’s not always what you really want to do, right?! So, instead we try to keep a certain routine: breakfast together = early wake-up and then Ecky and I walk M to the office. This way we both, Ecky and I, get our training. 😎 If Ecky manages to wait until 3.30pm we pick M up again.

Since I’m at home Ecky has an even harder life: he demands a lot of snuggles and gets them. We’re pretty sure he’s one of the worst treated dogs in the world. 😉

He doesn’t need to wait for me anymore to come home

IMG_0106Instead he lays on my lap

IMG_0114From our neighbor we got some red currants. I love red currants, M finds them a little bit too sour but well he’s American and has a very sweet tooth… Our neighbor suggested to freeze them to use them later on a cake as a decoration but well, then I’d eaten them already. So a couple of days later a got another batch of berries which are now rinsed, stemmed and in the freezer waiting for the right cake to come. 🙂 We’ve had a lot of luck with our neighbors, esp. with the ones who have Sheira. We exchange berries, I get invited to coffee and waffles and we give them every now and then a few slices of freshly home-made bread or cake.

The last cake I prepared was a pineapple coconut cake. M started to roll his eyes when he saw me yesterday bringing home another coconut. It was my 4th attempt to get a fresh one which actually tastes good not like soap (yes, I’d listened if they contain a lot of water which indicates freshness). This time I got one. And then I prepared the cake with fresh shredded and toasted coconut meat and fresh pineapple. The cake is juicy and the flavor is great.

IMG_0117 IMG_0118 IMG_0119On the same trip to get the coconut I met our friend I. We met at the new, enlarged mall close to our place. The mall isn’t that great but we enjoyed a visit at the newly opened cafe and found new beanie hats.

One for the little munchkin and two for us. This way we can all wear the same. 😀

image-1My aunt surprised us with a box full of lovely wrapped presents for munchkin. She’d asked if we need smth for him and I came up with a chain for the stroller. Well, she couldn’t stop herself and found other things she liked. Thank you so much! 🙂 We’re going to wait with opening them until munchkin is born.

imageOne day later we got another surprise: my aunt and uncle are coming for a visit next year! Wohoo! We both see forward to their visit. But this kind of advanced planning shows how nuts Germans are sometimes or have to be. My uncle works for the German post and has to tell his employer by the end of this week when he wants to go on vacation next year. Yes, for the whole year. I find this kind of planning nowadays pretty weird. I admit that I like to plan ahead but that’s kind of too much. Anyway, we see forward to their visit and as you say so often: there isn’t the wrong weather only the wrong gear! Welcome to Trondheim!

M and I finished up some last things.

I got the bed sky ready and


M made those wonderful paintings with the letters of munchkins name. They aren’t in order since one of M’s sisters still have to guess it. 😎IMG_0116While I got soak wet on Wednesday when I walked to the chiro, today the sun was shining and I could take the bike to go downtown. Yes. It was awesome to feel the wind tug into my clothes when biking fast downhill. Don’t kill me mum, I’m fine. I’d my first appointment for the acupuncture to prepare my body for the birth. I got about 10 needles poked into my legs and arms and man, some were pretty uncomfy. Next week I’ll get the next round of torture…

M’s bike = my vehicle today


After this appointment I cleaned the windows which was approved by the neighbors like: well, the weather is good right now, you can’t know when you’ll have the chance again. Or: soon the baby arrives and then it could be a bit difficult to get them cleaned.. 😉 and to do a proper preparation I’d done some replanting already yesterday.

image-3When we aren’t paying attention to Ecky he usually takes a nap like

when we’re having breakfast

IMG_0125or just in between

image-2Oh, and he “test drove” the second car seat we got for trips by plane that our usual one won’t get destroyed


Have a good weekend, we’ll visit the farmers market tomorrow and have a fresh Sveler on the way home. 🙂

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