Yes, we are in the stage of waiting. The time seems to have slowed down and to slow it even further down I hurt myself this week. Wohooo! My chiros comment on it: Good job! When I don’t hurt myself I’m knitting or eating snacks…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe week started out all ok and Ecky and I enjoyed the sunshine and went to the fjord. When we came back on Tuesday I didn’t really think about my kind of loose bones due to all those preggers hormones and pulled at the heavy front door to open it. Usually we only have to push a button and it opens by itself, but unfortunately it was broken for a few days. Well, I pulled that well that I actually managed to strain a muscle in my butt. So, after we’d come up I suddenly couldn’t walk anymore and I was just in f****ing pain.

M helped me then to prepare dinner a potato salmon quiche

IMG_0127 IMG_0128Next day then I bit my teeth together aka I sucked it up and Ecky and I brought M to the office, both of us need this round. Ecky to empty his tanks and I to keep in motion. On the way back the pain got worse and I decided to visit my chiro spontaneously. She did a very good job but then I sat way too long in the car and in the end the pain was back and so bad that M came home and worked from home for the last hours of his work day. He took over all the tasks I’d planned to do: walking Ecky, groceries and bringing the car to the workshop. In between I got a kiss and he renewed my best friend. He’s gorgeous, isn’t he?!

You want to get to know my best friend? – Voilà: my green pea ice pack

image-3The instructions for the next days which I got from my chiro: ice pack, don’t sit on the sofa, don’t sit for longer than 20min in one stretch, sit on a dinner chair, don’t walk downhill… Additionally I’ve gotten some acupuncture and holy cow those needles hurt quite a lot, ok and they helped. Right now, I’m in a much better condition. 🙂

Ecky and I noticed that fall has come to Trondheim. We spotted the first colored leaves.

image-1And the gardners of Trondheim were busy and changed the plants on the flower bridge

imageOn Friday my friend I and Lexie came for a visit. Lexie and Ecky played together before both fell asleep at their favorite places: Lexie in Eckys chair and Ecky on his rug in front of the terrace door. Yesterday  I and her boyfriend came over for a round of grilled cheese sandwiches and a piece of cake. M is the grilled cheese sandwich master but I’d prepared a coconut apple cake. Originally it the recipe for a Jewish apple cake but I pimped it up by adding some toasted coconut which I’d cracked and shredded earlier. 8)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday then I went by bike (much nicer on my butt than walking) downtown to meet a friend and her little cute monkey. He’s so sweet and when he talks you can get muscle spasms in your belly because she speaks English with him but he answers in Norwegian. 😀

Ecky’s still enjoying having me at home. He takes a lot of naps on my belly or just relaxes where ever he drops down

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI finished two other projects: good buns and a wrapping jacket for munchkin

The jacket has in addition to the original instruction a tiny pocket cause all boys need pockets… 😉


image image-1 image-2And we tested another recipe for pancakes: lime ricotta pancakes. They are really fluffy. I exchanged the lemon from the original recipe with lime. But otherwise I went along the recipe. It’s from Cook’s Illustrated and to find in the newest volume. We ate them with a raspberry blueberry sauce.

image-2Tomorrow I’ll have the next voodoo aka acupuncture session. I’m not sure if I really see forward to it…

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