Munchkin alarm

Yes, our munchkin has arrived. Finally! 🙂


The last week was pretty good. The weather was nice, actually incredibly nice for September. We enjoyed it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAView from the flower bridge on Monday

image-1On Monday the weather was great, so I took the bike to go downtown cause I’d another session of acupuncture and I’d asked the acupuncturist to give it a bit more. She did it and holy cow – some of the needles really hurt. But no pain, no gain. Next stop was a meeting with I at a nearby Cafe where we had smoothies and gossiped. That was exactly what both of us needed: relaxing from the rest of the world. 🙂 But then I’d to go back to my chiropractor and she massaged those acupressure points which can induce labor. It didn’t work immediately but we tried it and M got a homework: massaging those points.

Smoothie and muffin together with I

imageHe did it and my ankle looked like this

photoOn Wednesday then I was exploding of energy. I cleaned the whole house, baked bran muffins with plums (really good) and watched P.S. I love you with I. At that time I and I were still joking about birth, that it could happen any minute etc, not knowing what was waiting for me just a few hours later…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe clock had just passed 4 am on Thursday and I thought I’d wet my pants. Kids tend to do that every now and then but adults aren’t allowed to do it. It’s embarrassing. After the next flush – I was sure that my bladder was working fine but the water had broken. Since it was early and no sign of contractions I tried to sleep again. Around 6am we got up, had breakfast and got slowly ready to go to the hospital for a check-up. When we arrived back at home contractions had started and just 3 hours later we went back to the hospital being in the active phase. The midwifes were awesome and at 9.12pm our munchkin aka Theo Julius was born. He weighed 3240gr and was 49cm long. He’s as perfect as he could be. We fell in love at once and can’t take enough pictures or just look at him or smell him. M was a great support during the birth, I can’t be thankful enough to have him had there.



On Friday at 12pm we were back at home. I was fit, Theo was fit and there wasn’t anything to do for us at the hospital. So, why stay longer than necessary. Instead we enjoyed the afternoon with our friend I and I made waffles.

In his bed


On Saturday then Theo had his first visit at IKEA. As a tiny person living in Scandinavia one of the first duties is to visit IKEA. *haha*

Today then we both showed him off at our offices after we had visited downtown and enjoyed a cup of coffee. M showed him off in his cool pram and I took him with me in the car seat.

image-1Naps on the terrace are great. The fresh air let’s him sleep deeper and longer


First time doing groceries…the space in the cart has decreased a lot…

image-2Our Ecky has been a very good boy. First he was kind of confused and wanted to give our new arrival a lot of kisses but now he just checks on him, when he makes a noise he doesn’t like. Well, Ecky has a very close look on Theo when others come too close – you can never know!


We have been so spoiled by our families, friends, neighbors and work places. We would have never expected this kind of attention and are very thankful.



2 thoughts on “Munchkin alarm

  1. Cutest baby ever! I’m so proud to be his auntie Ida❤ Having you as my very close friend is a blessing from Mother Nature. I love you❤

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