Keeping busy

Two weeks ago our Theo arrived and the time since then just flew by so far. Theo has caught our hearts and is holding them very tight in his little hands. 😎

image (22)We went to a photo shooting last week to catch our luck in pictures for the future. The shooting was interesting and the photographer had a lot of patience with Theo and Ecky. We are excited to see the result soon.

One of the poses of the shooting

image (21)Another highlight of the last days was the baby swimming class. Theo was the youngest baby with only 1,5 weeks compared to the other babies with an age of at least 6 weeks. I had to observe M and Theo from the edge of the swimming pool. *sniff* They had a good time and Theo did his first dive. – No, I’m not joking.

Getting readyimage (25)

and diving

image (26)Otherwise we have had a lot of friends coming over to welcome our little sweetie. 🙂 Our Ecky enjoyed those visits too, esp the visit of L and her little cute son who played passionately with Ecky or the two little kids of our Indian friends who love to throw the ball for Ecky but don’t dare to leave the sofa. 😀

My boobs, before pregnancy a firm handful, had changed to one cup more until the end of pregnancy. That was still ok, but now since I’m breastfeeding Theo they have turned into melons. And yes, I’ve a lot of milk, too much actually. So, I’m playing with the idea to donate the excess which is valued higher than gold. Preemies and sick newborns can digest breastmilk better than formula to help those little ones with our excess would be a good thing esp since Theo gets as much as he needs. But first we have to wait until 6 weeks after birth before we can start with it.

Kitchenwise I’ve been pretty slow and nothing else than a couple of cakes and some muffins popped out of the oven. But we’ll try to get better on this front again too.

Blueberry muffins, approved by L’s son 🙂


Carrot cake with orange cream cheese frosting for the coffee with our neighbors

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday evening we went to the cinema. Our friends I, J and Lexie took care of Theo while we were watching Elysium. The movie wasn’t that great but to be going out with M  again was very nice and for us as “new baked” parents a good opportunity to learn to let go. Theo had a great time at our friends place who pampered him as much as possible. To have grandparents around is a great support this comes with the family package but friends who take responsibility for your tiny loved ones are unpayable. You say thank you, but it’s actually not enough, you would like to say more, but the words are missing, cause they make you so happy that you can trust them with the most important thing in your life. ❤

Belly time to strengthen his core and neck muscles

photo (9)

After a snack

image (23)

Skin to skin with Papa, best place everOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave a great weekend!


PS: That’s me 4 days after birth…not too bad 8)


3 thoughts on “Keeping busy

  1. Oh you’re having all the fun again! Amazing, all the parents I’ve known in FR are always exhausted so you show ‘ em! I plan to be just like that when I grow up :D:D:D
    Super for how everything is going, especially with the trips coming up! And you still bake muffins, wow!

    Big hugs you happy happy beautiful loving people!!!!

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