Getting to a routine


This week has been a slow one. Nothing special happened. Theo and I visited our friends mum and her sister which was lovely. We had been invited for lunch too. Originally I’d just wanted to pick up a kids chair called Tripp Trapp. Our friend had already used it when she was a kid and her mum had asked if we would like to borrow it for Theo. Those Tripp Trapp chairs are Norwegian, sturdy and usually handed down from one generation to the next one. The next day I went to the baby shop to get the newborn seat which is attached on top of the chair and can be used from newborn size on. This way Theo can join us when we are having a meal.

photo 5

Theo is growing so fast it’s scary but finally the jacket knitted by his aunt I fits (more or less). Finally!

photo 2

photo 4

On Friday we walked downtown to meet another dear friend for a tea. The meeting was lovely and a nice way to start into the weekend.

This weekend we’ve been fighting with the paperwork for the applications for the passports. The information the American embassy wants to have is scary. I would have liked to fill in: ask the NSA. I’m sure they could provide all the data and it would be much less hassle for us….who the hell remembers every single place of living with the exact dates or where you have been for vacation 10 years ago. Well, the Americans want to know everything. I would love to wear a T-Shirt with “Free Snowden & Manning” or “Nobel peace prize for Snowden, Manning and Assange” when we’re at the American embassy next week but M isn’t a big fan of this idea 🙂

I liked this opinion a lot..

Funny was to take passport pictures of munchkin. I usually go to a photo shop to get them taken this way I make sure they fulfill all the necessary criteria (certain size, nose centered, looking straight forward, neutral expression…). With babies they aren’t as strict as with adults but still.

Here a few of our best shots… 8)

the one we chose for passports OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA you're shi#"ng me! square for u.s. passport photos

The weather has been blustery all week. Fall is here. Thursday morning the grass looked like freshly covered with frosting and honestly I was mischievous when I saw all those cars with icy windows. Haha, we don’t need to scratch car windows anymore.

photo 5

Those two are friends now

photo 2

and breastfeeding can look like this

photo 1

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