This weeks highlight was the trip to Oslo. We had to apply for Theo’s passports and get him a temporary one since we are going to Germany next week and it was the first time for him to fly. He was so impressed being on a plane that he slept through both flights.

We arrived in Oslo Friday morning where the air was damp and much colder than at home. Our first stop was the American embassy. The whole procedure with applying for the social security number, for the passport and reporting the birth abroad took about 45min. It was good that we had been early birds at the embassy.
The next stop then was the German embassy. Everything was done after maybe 30min, waiting time for printing the temporary passport included.

And then we headed to a Café. A stylish one with an attentive waiter and delicious little cakes for big bucks. 😮

M’s cake: Framboise: a little cake with raspberry cream and a black berry hidden inside on sponge cake with strawberry sauce and raspberries


My cake: Tarte citron with lemon curd and meringue on short pastry with strawberry sauce and raspberries


After this break we went to our hotel which was just a 5 min walk away from the palace. I didn’t like the style of the room although Theo was fascinated by the wallpaper with a big pattern, but the service was friendly and the breakfast good. We took a long break with a nice nap before we got up to wander through the rain on Oslos streets to meet two friends for dinner. We ate at a Thai restaurant. Pad thai for me and a wok dish for M. I got chopsticks for eating which was great cause I was holding Theo with my left arm. M would have liked a bit more spice but was satisfied after all.

Yesterday we spent a good deal of the morning at the hotel cause it was still raining. We had planned to go to a bakery and then to the Frogner park to look at the Vigeland sculptures. To kill some time until we had to leave for the airport we decided to go to the bakery anyway. We aren’t made out of sugar and a little rain wouldn’t kill us. 😉


We were lucky cause when we left the bakery Oslo surprised us with blue sky and sunshine. We went to the park before we had to leave for the airport.

“Castle Frogner” for the kids


Theo is comfy




On the way home continuing the nap he had started at the hotel after diapering him


Ecky had stayed at a friends place where he got pampered pretty well. He gained quite some weight in just 48 hours.. Instead of greeting me first when he came home, Theo was the first one who got a kiss..


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