Since last week we have gotten some surprises, mostly annoying

1. Last week Monday we found out that we can’t be at home while they are exchanging our hardwood floor. I’d been told that it would be a problem to be at home and to have a dog and a baby there. Well, the actual worker were different opinion. Fortunately after some discussing they could postpone it until Wednesday/Thursday. This way we are still on vacation and just come home to a messy and dusty apartment. That’s probably anyway the best way to finish your maternity leave.

Before we went on our trip to Germany we made an imprint of Theo’s foot and hand. We had brought the kit from Eugene and finally we did it.

The equipment


after pressing one foot and hand into the clay


We’ll post a pic of the finished imprint later.

Wednesday was a crazy day. Suddenly everyone wanted to meet us. 😀 In the afternoon we met our Australian friend Land her cutie pie. He threw the ball for Ecky and they ran through the house while L was preparing Boller with apple pieces and some with a butter nut filling. Very nice! 🙂 In the evening I brought our Ecky to our friend to take care of him while we are gone. And then I met another friend for a cup of tea. And when I came home M had dinner ready. A perfect day. 🙂

Thursday morning went merely for emptying the shelves and then packing our suitcase for the trip to Germany.

Theo helped too


2. In the evening we made it well and in time to Amsterdam but when it was almost time to leave the lounge for the connection flight to Düsseldorf…there was no flight. It had been canceled due to a technical problem. Fortunately we were at the lounge and got help immediately. We got the last room at the hotel inside the airport and the first flight the next morning was supposed to bring us and our luggage to Düsseldorf.

Our room


Amsterdam airport at night



3. We made it to Düsseldorf but not our luggage except for the baby seat. Our luggage arrived finally on Saturday evening.

After arriving at my aunts place we had breakfast and Theo was wandering from one arm to the next one. He got a lot of presents and snuggles too.

In the afternoon it was finally time to meet his grandpa and grandma. Oh, holy cow, I’ve never seen my parents so proud and with such big smiles on their faces. 🙂

On Saturday we went back to the Netherlands to visit a market and get some groceries with my aunt. We had Kibbeling for lunch. These are fish pieces in a batter which are deep-fried. On the way back home I got a call: M’s ride with a balloon was supposed to happen this same afternoon! Well, the weather changed and it was cancelled but M loves the idea. We’ll try it next year again.
(Pictures are coming)

Yesterday then we went to Amsterdam again. This time by train and to visit the reopened Rijksmuseum. The train left early which required a pretty early wake-up too. The ride to Amsterdam went well and the ICE was comfy. Amsterdam was rainy, in the beginning just lightly and later heavier. We made it dry to the museum but the way back was wet.
We had planned to meet our friend S at the train station before we would head back to Germany.
4. But our train didn’t go. Why? – We don’t know. But it meant that we had to take a snail train to Arnhem then change to busses to Duisburg. The busses and guidance was waiting in Arnhem but in Duisburg no one. That sucked! But since it wasn’t our fault with that train we entered the next train to Düsseldorf. It was a bit like a scene from the TV show “The Amazing Race”. In the end we arrived about 1,5 hours later than planned back at home but it could have been worse of course.


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