Amsterdam just doesn’t like us

We were on the way home to Trondheim and where were we stuck? -Right, in Amsterdam.

Above the clouds

photo 4We’d left early this morning to avoid arriving at the airport much later than the time we’d picked the rental car up last week (you have a window of 29min). Well, we picked the route through the countryside and avoided traffic jams on several freeways but then it got us after all. First a 2km traffic jam, then 8km and the last was 10km. All caused by accidents. When we arrived we hadn’t managed to pay less for the car but we had a lot of time before our plane was supposed to leave.

Where do you go when you have some time to spare…to the lounge

View from Hugo Junckers Lounge in Düsseldorf, not knowing that we wouldn’t make our connection

photo 3But then we sat for more than 45min in the plane due to very stormy weather in Amsterdam. When we finally arrived there our connecting flight had already left.

We were rebooked onto the next flight. Theo was sleeping through it, even the really noisy Italian talking on the phone wasn’t waking him up. We arrived after midnight at home and our Ecky had to stay another night at our friends place. But Friday I FINALLY picked him up and he got a lot of cuddles (and treats). 🙂

To be wrapped into papas sweatshirt jacket is nice too… Theo had to borrow it from M after a gigantic poop which had gone all the way through his pampers, body, romper and straight on M’s pants. It was kind of funny for me but less for M though.

photo 5Tuesday and Wednesday had been slower than the others days. M had a very nice birthday on Tuesday. He got presents from my aunt and mum, calls from the family and a voucher for a ride in a hot air balloon from me. The weather was unfortunately either too rainy or the wind too hard to do it. We’ll try it next year again.



photo 2It was difficult to pick from such a range of cakes

photo 1 photo 2On Wednesday we did some shopping again and packed. This time we had to get about 9kg of cheese into our suitcases. 8) It all worked out and we even were lucky and got our luggage Thursday night.
Ecky offered me his help for the unpacking right away

photo 1What a chaos after unpacking 2 suitcases full of groceries (the cheese was in the refrigerator)photo 2The cheese

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt felt nice to be at home encumbered in love and pampered by great parents and relatives. Theo got cuddled a lot and was on a lot of arms and M was treated as a fully integrated family member. And I can’t believe it myself but when we were on the way to the airport on Thursday, I felt that the bug called homesickness had bitten me. I hadn’t been infected for several years…

Theo’s gifts

photo 3I used most of Friday to get rid of the fine dust which had been left from exchanging our floor. But I’ve to admit the flooring guys had done a good job and it was much better than anticipated. They had already vacuumed and cleaned off the biggest mess. Thank you!

Yesterday then we baked a little: apple buns, nut knots and a carrot cake. Today I’ll have to prepare a couple of loafs of bread.

Apple buns

photo 1




photo 4

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