Storm and rain – here we come

20131116-095212.jpgThe weather forecast for this weekend: you are going to get soaking wet and then your head will be blown off! What does that mean for us: we start baking cookies, get comfy inside and eat those cookies. 🙂

Our little munchkin has almost doubled his weight. By Wednesday his weight was 5780gr and he was 60cm long. I can feel the difference when picking him up or feeding him.

20131116-074800.jpg20131116-074929.jpgHe was laughing too hard so just had to join which explains the blurry picture 😛

20131116-074942.jpg This last week we have been busy. Visiting friends, baking, going to the swimming class, meeting with the mum ‘n baby group, meeting friends and going to the gym.

Swimming class

20131116-073634.jpgI’s left side of her lap


and her right side20131116-073514.jpgEcky’s new friend and our new neighbor: Tassen a very energetic Silky Yorkshire Terrier

20131116-073410.jpgYes, we are back on the treadmill. While we are running our little munchkin is at the babysitter in the gym. They are very friendly there and try to keep our little ones happy while we are working out (the babysitter is one good reason to pay the enormous membership). On Fridays we are both, Theo and I, going to a step class aka circus for mums and kids. That means Theo is laying on a mat in front of me watching how I ridiculously jump up and down = circus.

Ready for the class aka circus

before the class

20131116-073703.jpgand after…20131116-073717.jpgLast Monday we prepared another raspberry apple cake with crunchy crumbles. I had swapped a third of the flour with whole wheat flour which gave the crust a nutty flavor and added rolled oats to the remaining crust for the crumbs. It was good. M ducked into it and I got 1.5 pieces…of a whole tray.

1st version, usual crust and crumbs

20131116-073435.jpgpimped with whole wheat flour and oats in the crumbs

20131116-073611.jpgYesterday then we prepared a roasted apple spice cake with chocolate frosting and Spritzgebäck, our first Christmas cookies this year.

The spice cake is the same I’d prepared for M’s birthday last year. This time I’d made just a half portion which is still a tray with cake. It’s prepared with apple sauce, in this case self-made one. 🙂


The cookies are a classic among the German Christmas cookies. My mum doesn’t like them that much cause her mum always prepare way too many and then she got sick of them all too soon. I made a version with grounded almonds and after M dipped hem into chocolate after they’d cooled. As a surprise a friend showed up for dinner yesterday evening. We’d prepared Spätzle, no not the dried once, freshly made and served with matured Gouda (topped each layer) and roasted veggies. Simple, good and satisfying. She approved both the dinner and the baked goods. 🙂



Today we are going to prepare another batch of cookies Bacci di dama or Snowballs. And then I’ll try myself on self-made croissants. Pictures will follow!

Now it’s time to prepare breakfast with my sleeping munchkin on my arm…

Have a delicious weekend!


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