Yes, 3/4 of the family suffer under a severe form of jet lag. Ecky, Theo and I have started with immediate treatment: taking long naps. 🙂

We all made it back in one piece with all the luggage. We started our trip home Thursday morning after a last breakfast with Ed’s famous blueberry pancakes.
On our way to Minneapolis we stopped shortly in Alpha for stocking up on cheese curds and at a Target to get some snacks for those flights. It’s always good to munch on something.

We arrived in good time at the airport in Minneapolis but then the check in took ages. The lady from Delta got actually mad at us cause we dared to travel with an infant and a pet in cabin. Holy Moly! We made her work for the first time in her life! Well, she made a big thing out of M’s missing resident permit for Norway, which has been in process since September but due to long lines and the UDI and police staff who want to celebrate their Christmas parties too, it wasn’t finished by the time we left to the US. Then she wanted to see my resident permit…well I don’t have one cause I don’t need one. My face must have told her better not to ask more. 8) After what seemed like eternity and about 30min on our clock we were finally checked in. The check in and the following security check had taken so long that Theo needed a complete new set of clothes. Good that I’d planned for three diaper disasters.
The flight from Minneapolis to Detroit took only a little more than an hour and two hours later we were sitting in row 11 in an Airbus 320 with destination Amsterdam.
Theo and Ecky were great on the flight, we didn’t get an infant vest for Theo even though we had asked for it. The flight attendants answer was: It’s in the back of the plane. We’ll get one when we need one. Right! I could see those unmotivated, frustrated and impolite Delta flight attendants in my imagination jumping through the plane to get the vests. *haha* We gave those ladies a new name: DB = Delta Bitches.
It seemed that the passengers were an inconvenience bothering the DBs.

Christmas decoration at the airport in Detroit



A train running above the heads which connects the ends of this really huge terminal in Detroit…a pity that our gate was just on the opposite where we’d arrived


We were on time in Amsterdam. Had breakfast before heading for our last flight back to Trondheim. In Trondheim all 4 suitcases showed up, a friendly vet of the Norwegian CDC was waiting for us to check Ecky’s passport and then we were on the way home.
Since then we have been hibernating and trying to catch up with laundry, groceries etc.
Tomorrow it’s back to work again. Fortunately this week is a short one due to New Years. 🙂

The days in Wisconsin went by in a blink. First we’d been waiting for the Christmas party and then for Christmas eve and bang I’d to pack again. How’s that possible?!

We enjoyed the snow and the cold temperatures. Here it’s more like a cold summer with temperatures around +7C and no snow! It’s very dusty and the wind is blowing hard.
We already miss the bright sun light we had in Minong. We already now miss the company of our families and leaving is getting harder with each time we have to leave. Fortunately we have good friends waiting for us here in Norway like our friends I and J with Lexie and our dear neighbors B and I with Shira. 🙂

Theo and his new baby gym


Theo got a huge amount of cute fleece suits and other clothes for Christmas. All the aunties and uncles made sure that he’s going to be warm and best dressed for the next months. From our friends I and J he got a book with rhymes and word games and from B and I a book about senses in Norwegian. Thank you!


Ecky’s missing the carpet


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