Another winter week without snow…

20140209-080741.jpgThis week has been a blur for us. Last Sunday we went to friends to watch with them the Super Bowl. Munchkin and I left around 9.30pm cause we were tired and I had to go to work next day. M came home around 2.30am. They had made a traditional dip for the Super Bowl: a 7-layer dip. It looked cool and the sour cream was mixed with cream cheese. Very nice!


On Tuesday we went to the swimming class and we had a good time. I’d been worrying if we should go or not cause Theo was a bit snotty. We went anyway and it was good for him, but I was half sick next day. I was “hanging like a sip of water in a bend” in at work and then in the afternoon came the company which built the house for the 1-years inspection to see what needs to be fixed. They usually do that here, at least with bigger apartment buildings, because the buildings often sink a bit more into the ground which causes cracks between the ceilings and walls. In the evening when M came through the door I gave in and went to bed. From our neighbor I we got a bowl with buns. They were still slightly warm when she brought them over. *yum*


Thursday we changed the roles. I was better even my sore throat was gone. *yippee* But M had gotten sick. He had told me about it during the night and I gave him a couple of “Nyquill” capsules. They knocked him right out of his socks and made a zombie out of him. He stayed for the rest of the day in the bed.

Since I was fine again I finally tried the chocolate cake with chili recipe which I’d seen on TV while I was on the treadmill the other day. It’s with chili flakes and kind of chili roulette. One piece is very mild but the next one can cause a tiny explosion on your tongue. N came over and had a piece. It was a nice afternoon.

Friday then was baby group meeting. We met in the city center at a relatively new cafe which has it’s main focus on parents with strollers and little kids. The cafe is painted in pink and purple, has it’s own spot for parking the strollers inside, a small corner with a play kitchen for the little bit bigger kids, high chairs and a nice changing room. The prices are over the hill like usual, but no one seems to be bothered and the service is kind of unfriendly. Well, we are in Norway, I shouldn’t expect too much. On the way home with another mom we stopped at a toy shop. It’s a special one, not a Toy’R’us or those other ones where you get only the 08/15-stuff made from plastic in China. No, this one has wonderful toys made out of wood, special lamps and all those other cute things you can think off:  a swing like a sail boat, mini backpacks which look like a bumble bee or shark etc.


Yesterday then we went for a stroll downtown and got such a backpack for our munchkin. We got a tortoise. M’s comment: now we can bring him to the airport, attach a note with “Düsseldorf” and let him fly by himself. Men are strange sometimes…

Kitchen wise we have prepared this yummy chocolate cake, roasted veggies, more pretzel buns and French country bread.

The recipe for this yummy spicy chocolate cake with chili flakes is very easy and the ingredients list is fairly short. I found the recipe on and originally it’s made with Tequila and you sprinkle it with Tequila too. I left it out and it’s just delicious. It’s a moist cake.

Chocolate cake with chili and salt

  • 200gr dark chocolate (70% cocoa)
  • 200gr butter
  • 2 tsp chili flakes
  • 4 eggs
  • 3 tbsp ground almonds
  • 1 tbsp all-purpose flour
  • 150gr sugar
  • pinch of salt flakes20140209-080719.jpg
  • Preheat the oven to 180C. Place parchment paper on the bottom and around the edge of a round baking pan (23cm diameter).
  • Melt the chocolate with the butter in a bowl over a water bath. Add the chili flakes and stir. Take it out of the water bath and let it sit for a couple of minutes to cool down a little.20140209-080711.jpg
  • Mix the eggs, one at a time into the chocolate butter. Then add the sugar, ground almonds, the flour and salt. Pour the batter into the prepared baking pan and bake for ca 30-35min. Check if the cake is done with a cake tester / tooth pick.
  • Let the cake cool down on a cooling rack.


This week was cod on discount. So we had our share too. Instead of lemon juice I used blood orange juice for the preparation. We just fried it in a pan and served it with peas and mashed potatoes.

Cods have pretty big fish bones. I use fish pincers to pull them out.

20140209-080632.jpg 20140209-080623.jpg

For breakfast Friday morning, I made another batch of pretzel buns. I used he same recipe which I’d posted last week. This time I played with the forms and topped each bun with poppy seeds or sea salt flakes.

20140209-080612.jpg 20140209-080602.jpg


20140209-080549.jpgYesterday evening then we had roasted veggies. It was a mix of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. I cut the florets in quarters and the carrots in 4cm long quarters. First we roast them for 20min at 200C, then we add a little bit of oil, salt, pepper and nutmeg, stir them well and have them in the oven for another 20min. It couldn’t be easier…

Done. 🙂


Btw it’s mothers day here today. So I got some flowers. 🙂


M and T looking at the property market…


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