Trondheim – Oulu – Trondheim

20140305-064030.jpgWe made it to Oulu in Finland and back home. The time flew by even faster than usual. We came back with a lot of nice memories, polished / dedusted Finnish skills and a suitcase filled with goodies.

The days until our planned departure to Oulu or in Swedish Uleåborg flew by. At work was a lot to do as usual and at home the usual craziness before going on a trip set in. M nagging me to start packing…well, we’ll leave Thursday morning why should I start packing earlier than Wednesday night?!… And that’s exactly how it went in the end. I packed Wednesday night to get up again just a few hours later at 3am.
Even though we are often taking the early flight out of Trondheim I still haven’t gotten used to getting up at 3am. It seems a grueling time. Munchkin got up at 3.45am and just half an hour later we were sitting on the airport bus waving Ecky and M good bye.
To make things easier I’d packed small: one check-in suitcase, one Munchkin, one carry on backpack and the new travel Ferrari. 8)

Our new Yoyo – folded together

Until the week before I’d planned to carry him in a sling, but then I saw this one a so called “umbrella stroller” which folds down to hand luggage size and needs only one hand for folding and unfolding. M loved it too so we ordered it, waiting impatiently and fearing it wouldn’t make it in time. But it made it and it was worth gold!
We got a lot of looks when we were sprinting through the airport to catch the next flight or when I folded it – easypeasy – with one hand, the backpack on the back and Theo on my arm. If you want to avoid looks, get a normal travel stroller. 😉

Everything went well until the last leg. Theo almost asleep on my lap, my eyes slowly going into sleep mode too when the captain suddenly came on over the speakers and said “sorry to inform you, but we have to turn around, cause the computers indicate an error”. My first thought “crap, I’ve to make the appointment with my old colleague from the university.” Everything went ok and in the end we arrived with just 1.5 hours delay in Oulu. Theo had passed out on my arm and hadn’t noticed the arrival in Oulu, getting dressed and leaving the plane, the transfer from my arm into the stroller, picking up the luggage, getting a cab and driving to the hotel. But right at the hotel he woke up and was in his cheery mood as usual. 🙂

The following days were filled with meeting friends and former colleagues, walking through downtown Oulu, eating and meeting more dear friends. We were warmly encumbered by them, making me feel like I’d never really left.

At the kaupahalli – market hall

IMG_0241 IMG_0242

Theo and the police man at the market IMG_0245
You probably know that feeling: sometimes it feels like you are on a plane and time just wooshes by but when you are somewhere else it feels more like you are on the Concorde and to measure time in days seems easier than in hours. That’s exactly how we felt.
On Sunday we had to head back and again on the last leg we had a problem. The captain came on the speakers and told us “I’m sorry but one of the doors isn’t closing properly. We are waiting for a technician…” Several tries of fixing the doors later we knew we had to swap planes to get home. But before we could do that the Copenhagen airport had made out of a departure a non-Schengen arrival which prohibited the ground staff to open the doors at the airport. Theo told the whole plane that it sucked and 20min later we were back at the gate waiting for the other plane to arrive and then a few hours later M hugged us just 1.5hours later than planned.

Maybe SAS should think about better maintenance of their planes or get some newer ones…

One of the planes we used – a Saab 2000


And don’t think that we came back to an apartment which looked like two boys, Ecky and M, had torn down and partied hard cause they were bachelors. No, it was tidy and on the table was a fresh cake and a flower waiting for me. 🙂 And when I heard which kind of cake M had prepared I was so god damn proud and happy to have just this man at home and as Theo’s daddy. 8)

We brought some things back with us too. Theo got his first apron and baking set, a Marimekko body, M and I got a Marimekko shirt, Ecky got a new leash and toy and then Theo and I had bought some leipäjuusto (“bread cheese” Cheese which is flat like a disc and baked. It makes funny sounds when you chew it, if it’s fresh enough.), loimulohta (Kind of grilled / warm smoked salmon), Finnish rye bread, a big bag of coffee beans and several books in Finnish which Theo had gotten as a gift. 🙂

20140305-073317.jpg 20140305-073326.jpg 20140305-073247.jpg 20140305-073258.jpg
Do you remember the lemon poppy seed cream cheese pound cake? M had prepared it without the lemon juice and zest and poppy seeds and swap one cup of sugar by a cup of lightly packed brown sugar. Here is the recipe for the lemon poppy seed cream cheese pound cake.
The cake has a nice caramel color and the flavor is caramelish too or just yummy. 🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALove is when you leave and are trusted with the most precious piece of your family and you come home and be celebrated like you had left for a trip around the world.

On Monday then the mom’s baby group came over for a visit and yesterday we went swimming.

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