We have gone lazy…

20140413-205704.jpgEaster is getting closer, I’ve just one day at work next week and then…vacation…! Btw it’s really nice to be an employee in Norway during Easter. We have public holidays from Maunday Thursday until Easter Monday. Only Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is a usual day.

But we have been cooking: ricotta gnocchi, cinnamon and jam twists, a new pizza recipe, Graham crackers, Bagels. This week we are going to prepare a semifredo cheesecake and a cake with in total 9 layers: almond crust, white chocolate mouse and a rich dark chocolate mouse, that 3 times and then finished with a layer of shiny chocolate. How does that sound? I hope I’ll manage it.

Otherwise we plan to go to Åre one day and to the swimming pool in Trondheim. And then: relaxing.

Munchkin has taken over the floor, trying to pull the electrical cords out of the sockets and he loves to chase Ecky.


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