Ice cream and pool parties

Yes, ice cream and pool parties. How does that sound? It’s summer and those two are two very important elements of a successful summer and since we are in Norway we have to use every opportunity and enjoy the sun and warmth whenever possible. On Tuesday M went with Munchkin to the mall and they bought a kiddie pool. He has been using it every single day with good enough weather since we got it. Ecky prefers to drink out of it.


When we visited Powell’s City of Books in Portland in May I couldn’t resist and had to buy A perfect scoop by David Lebovitz and when we came back to Trondheim we ordered an ice cream maker with a compressor. It was delivered on Wednesday and we have prepared 4 different flavors so far and all are so god damn delicious that’s difficult to stop… Shop bought ice cream won’t come into this household anymore… 🙂 Our favorites until today are all four we have prepared: raspberry chocolate, sour cherry frozen yoghurt, vanilla ice cream with walnut croquant and passion fruit ice cream.

As you can imagine our days passed by with playing in the kiddie pool and making ice cream.

I finished the Sriracha– style chili sauce and M loves it. In addition I started with the cream cake for munchkin’s baptism in two weeks and we made a double batch of English muffins.

Sriracha-style chili sauce with fried potatoes and English muffin


Let’s start with the English muffins. I like to prepare the dough the evening before, cover the bowl with cling film and popped into the refrigerator. Next morning, we just knead the dough shortly, roll it out, cut the muffins out and fry them. Ready for breakfast. The rest are halved and frozen. Next time we want an English muffin we can take one out of the freezer and just pop it into the toaster. Done!

English muffins (for ca 10 muffins) adapted from Cynthia Barcomi

  • 75gr sourdough
  • 400ml buttermilk or kefir
  • 400gr all-purpose flour
  • 160gr whole wheat flour
  • 21gr yeast
  • 1.5 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • Take a big bowl and add all the ingredients. Use the kneading hook and let your kitchen machine knead the dough for 10min. If you need more liquid add water tablespoon wise. Cover the bowl with cling film and pop it over night into the refrigerator or let it sit until the dough has doubled in size.
  • Spray lightly flour on your counter, knead the dough once and roll it thumb thick out and cut rounds with an circumference of 8-10cm out. Continue with the others. Knead the left overs together and repeat the procedure.


  • Take a big non-stick pan, heat it up on medium heat and fry (dry, no oil needed) each muffin until golden brown on both sides, about 5min for each side.


They are ideal for freezing, to make it a no-fuss thing, cut them into halves before you freeze them. Take them out and pop them frozen into the toaster.

Vanilla ice cream with walnut croquant


The croquant for the ice cream


Passion fruit ice cream on the way…


Raspberry chocolate ice cream


Somebody very early in the morning with a huge piece of Gouda cheese which munchkin had dropped…



Have a very good week and we’ll try to make more ice cream. So, if you are around and you crave a good ice cream, welcome. Recipes are following next week. Use the week and stock up on eggs and cream… 🙂

Our sunsets at the moment



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