Our never ending story about booking flights

IMG_1057We love to travel and we travel often usually taking KLM and on the long haul flights across the big water they are (unfortunately) in most cases operated by Delta. Yes, we don’t like Delta, we actually disapprove them. But anyway it was time to get into it again and book the flights for our trip to San Diego and Eugene in May/June.At first we had hoped for flights with KLM to LAX but just when we had decided how we wanted to fly, the prices had changed and again we were left with flights operated by Delta. So M got on the phone and booked the flights through KLM which usually works well and then later that night he got on the phone with Delta to upgrade the seats. As usual we are baffled how little brain those Delta employees need to be hired. It took us 3!! calls to get the seats for the flights. First they put us in row 16, but economy comfort ends with row 13, sometimes row 14. M hadn’t noticed this error at first, so we had to call again. This time the Delta employee tried to tell M that the flight is operated by KLM, so we should call there. No, it’s operated by Delta. She was too stubborn to change her mind and look it up properly and M too tired (it had him taken already over 2 hours just for those 2 calls), so he hung up. Then it was my turn and I called and waited and waited and waited, I complained and questioned their abilities and finally about an hour later it was done! We had the missing flight upgraded too.

Today then M checked the KLM page to make sure that we have the correct times before booking our separate flights from LAX to PDX and back when he stumbled over a message that a flight had been canceled. Yes, canceled and no alternative flight in sight. So, he got on the phone and KLM didn’t know a thing about it and on the Delta web page seemed everything fine. Strange! Anyway we made notes and screen shots of all of our flights and seats and we cross fingers that everything is going to be ok.

Our little munchkin loves the kindergarten. He has been there for two full weeks now and almost can’t wait to be dropped off in the morning. He comes flying into my arms when I pick him up. Our routine is now that I get Ecky first thing after I’ve gotten off the bus, walk up to the kindergarten, put Ecky in the compartment of the stroller and get my little munchkin. Then we three walk home and have a snack.

We haven’t been to innovative in the kitchen and prepared just he good ol same stuff. Yesterday though we had a very nice smoothie.

IMG_1065Green smoothie (about 4 portions each 200ml)

  • 1/2 small pineapple, cored and peeled
  • 4 kiwis, peeled
  • 1 mango, peeled
  • pinch of ground vanilla
  • Throw all the ingredients into your blender and mix until smooth. Enjoy immediately.

And our very simple lunch on Saturday: French baguette with lettuce, fried egg and warm smoked salmon *yum*

IMG_1066Ok and on Friday I prepared this German classic: Russian Zupf cake baked cheesecake with chocolate bottom layer. But this time I swapped the usual sugar with coconut sugar which gave the cake a hint of caramel.

IMG_1059If you should be wondering which kind of weather we are having right now…Let’s say it this way: it f****** slippery. The snow from a couple weeks ago has turned into a thick layer of ice making it sometimes almost impossible to walk. Ecky pulls us then. He definitely has an advantage with moving on 4 instead of only 2 legs.

IMG_1039And that’s really geeky but one of the best Christmas gifts ever so far: my new kitchen thermometer with two probes connected via Bluetooth to my iPhone. I just love it.

IMG_1073My current knitting project: a pair of gloves for a Finnish friend whose bday is soon, way too soon.

IMG_1062Have a wonderful week!

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