Can a dachshund learn or does its character make it impossible?


Our first munchkin, now 6.5 years old, four-legged and hairy is a dachshund and they are known for their stubbornness or should I better say, they decide by themselves what they want to do and what not?

Our Ecky hates other male dogs the bigger the worse. One of our neighbor dogs is a corgi who is male and brings about 8 times more on the scale than Ecky. Anyway they just bloody hate each other. So far we could avoid bigger trouble by turning around or going into the opposite direction when we met him outside. But at one point it had to bang and the day for it had come on Friday last week.

We were almost back at home when I spotted the neighbor with her dog and we turned around and ran into the other direction. After the turn I stopped to wait until they had passed but Ecky didn’t like the idea and twisted himself out of the collar by putting in the reverse gear in and then he ran as fast as possible right up to his enemy.

So, can you imagine how Goliath shook little David? He shook him like a rag doll and we had trouble to get them apart from each other. After that we went home and since Ecky was bleeding I brought him to the vet. There his two bite sores were stapled and they put in a wound drainage. And when I asked the vet if he thinks Ecky has changed and learned something from it, he started to laugh and said: well, you have a dachshund!

with wound drainage


without it



Otherwise we have closed the deal about our new apartment and signed the final contract. The apartment building isn’t build yet but in a bit more than a year it’s supposed to be ready to move in. We’ll move in spacious 122sqm which includes a small studio apartment of 22sqm. This one we are going to rent out. We are looking forward to the next steps: picking the parkett floor, the tiles for the kitchen, the kitchen itself. We want to have 2 ovens and a big stove. It’s really exciting. Our munchkin is getting a huge kids room (at east for Norwegian minds) and not a cage which is the usual size. The apartment building is going to be built just a stone’s throw away from our place nowadays. So, we’ll keep all our lovely neighbors and the pretty central location.

Tadaaaa our new apartment.. there won’t be a hallway between the two bedrooms (the white tipp-ex line was a former wall) but a small wall with a door to the corner bedroom and the door of the other bedroom mover around the corner.




Next week I’m going to post a couple of new recipes. Maybe chocolate banana cookies or Buchteln filled with plum jam.

IMG_1109 IMG_1087 IMG_1091

Have a happy week! ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Can a dachshund learn or does its character make it impossible?

  1. They are stubborn as heck and mine sees everyone other than his “pack” as outsiders and/or enemies. Unlike another wire-haired female at the pet store that kissed me on the mouth when I was kneeling low, mine will attack if he feels so inclined. He has been this way since a pup.

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