Up and down

IMG_1488Hi, we are back. Finally. The last weeks have been a constant up and down.

My dad passed away in the beginning of March and left everyone puzzled about his quick leave. He had been fighting lung cancer since last year but no one expected that the cancer would win all too soon. After his death a turmoil with organizing the funeral started and to be honest you just want some peace but instead you have to decide about the size of the note cards, which flowers you want at the funeral etc. I tried to help my mum from here as much as possible but in the end you never feel like you did enough.

So three weeks ago we went to Germany to my dad’s funeral. It was a nice ceremony and we all wished him farewell. To cope with the pain and try to put it into words I read a few thoughts at the funeral.

IMG_1406 IMG_1537

My dear dad,
Look how many people have come to celebrate you and your life today. Dad, you have left us all too sudden. You have lost the battle against the cancer but won against the pain and suffering.
You have started the journey to a new start. My dear dad, you gave me wings to become the person who I am today, now you have gotten wings yourself.
My dad, you left a hole which hurts so unbelievable much. The remains of your body are there in the receptacle but no one can take the memories of you.
I thank you that you have been my strong dad who loved our Theo so much.

Dear friends and relatives thank you so much that you came today to say farewell to your G√ľnter, my mums husband, Theo’s grandpa, Miles’ dad in law and my dad.
Thank you so much that you were there when my dad was only a shadow of this once so strong man. You caught him and made it possible for him to live an as normal life as possible until the end.

My dear dad, we all miss you but we wish you a wonderful new beginning.

Back in Trondheim we had just a little bit more than a week before we went for our Easter vacation once more to Germany. Easter starts in Norway pretty early, the first holiday is Maundy Thursday, followed by Good Friday and the last day off is Easter Monday. Since the week before the vacation is so short a lot of people take the remaining days off and kindergarten is pretty empty too. I love to spoil the kids so I’d planned to surprise for little munchkins who were there before Easter started. We prepared sweet buns filled with a pistachio paste and colored marzipan eggs which we packed nicely. It was a hit and the kids were pretty happy.

IMG_1479Taking the plane was quite an adventure on the way to Germany. Due to very strong winds only one runway in Amsterdam was allowed to operate which caused our connecting flight to be cancelled. I got us rebooked but that flight was delayed too. So instead of arriving at lunch time we made arrived at 6pm.

IMG_1502The weather was as crappy as the first time in Germany but the circumstances were happier. We went to the Netherlands to buy some cheese and yesterday before we had to head to the airport we visited “Hoheward” in Recklinghausen. It’s an artificial hill created through the left over rocks from mining for coal. They have made an observatory out of the hill and even set a big sculpture (two ellipses) on top which can be seen from far away and are a landmark.

IMG_1563Our munchkin is a true boy and explorer. He isn’t afraid of anything and nothing is too high. He loves to observe planes, so flying seems like natural to him.

IMG_1591My best friends birthday is soon and since she loves the Norwegian Marius pattern I knitted a poncho for her… That was quite a surprise too.

IMG_1520We wish everyone a wonderful week and we are soon back with new recipes.




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