Back from the US

And there we’re back home again. Our jet-lags are history, munchkin is going to barnehage again, the weather is most of the time cold and rainy but right now the sun is spoiling us at least until tomorrow.

IMG_2471The time in the US went as every time way too quickly. We went to La Jolla first where we stayed at a small inn for a few days. Just a road and the beach where separating us from the ocean. We watched sea lions and seals, pelicans, squirrels aka cliff rats and seagulls aka beach rats. From there we explored the nearby surroundings and found bakeries and cafes, a toy shop, the Legends gallery etc. We visited San Diego twice, once for picking up our bibs for the race and then of course on race day again. The weather god was good with us so the weather was chilly in the morning which was just perfect for us.

Our place where we stayed in La Jolla

IMG_1971On the other side of the roadIMG_1975 IMG_1977 IMG_1985 IMG_2004Watching the oceanIMG_2079    and off we goIMG_1978Legends Gallery in La Jolla, Dr Seuss exhibitionIMG_2123 IMG_2129Work day…IMG_1992After those days in California we were ready to climb on the next plane and head north to Portland to visit the house and our friends. Those days were definitely too short. All three of us enjoyed the warm weather and catching up with our friends. Munchkin went to the playground and played with a lots of dogs.

Cuddling with Dash

IMG_2204Good old Sophie

IMG_2234 If the tree house is too boring, we just leave. Who cares about a bouncy hanging bridge?!IMG_2207We ate a lot of cherries. And I love Reinier cherries.IMG_2154 Food pouches work for kids…why not for dogs then too?!IMG_2193 Way too colorful cakes. Wondering how many kids are going in overdrive after a piece with the good and toxic yellow or red food dye? IMG_2213Dinner at the pond.

IMG_2214 Our friend had just gotten some new water plants for his pregnant fishes to hide in.IMG_2272After a week in Eugene we had to say good bye and start our home journey. First we went back to LA before we finally headed to Amsterdam and Trondheim. We stayed at a hotel in Redondo Beach which I didn’t like too much. The hotel was nice but the pier area itself felt kind of worn down. IMG_2305 IMG_2303

At a fish market where we had a nice dinner: grilled Opah and munchkin had grilled Salmon but liked the Opah too.IMG_2327 IMG_2340When we flew over California we could see the imprint of the drought. The lakes were almost gone or diminished, a lot of fields were brown and wherever you looked it was just brown tones which you could see.

IMG_2286Munchkin stayed entertained watching planes whenever we had the option. He was my superhero on the plane cause he behaved so well and didn’t make a fuss.

Look from the lounge in SeattleIMG_1955

Somewhere between LA and PortlandIMG_2281 Lounge in LAIMG_2352 IMG_1948

Our stroller does fit into the overhead bin 😉IMG_1947Back in Trondheim we didn’t have the time to relax and just arrive, sleep through our jet lag or just take it a bit slower. No, we had to be right back because our Ecky had suffered a severe prolapse and both of his back legs were and are lame. He has improved ever since but it’s going to be a very long way back to his running around and jumping up and down. I exercise with him and massage him everyday and we all are hopeful that he’ll be back sooner or later.IMG_2404 IMG_2475

Since we have come back I’ve prepared this bread a couple of times and just today I made 4 loafs of it.

IMG_2492It’s called a wheat mix bread and each loaf weighs about 1.5lbs

Wheat mix bread (1.5lbs)

  • 500gr graham flour
  • 250gr whole wheat flour
  • 10gr fresh yeast (or 5gr active dry yeast)
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 2 tsp salt
  • ca 600ml water
  • Mix 100ml of water with the yeast and the sugar and let it sit for about 10min. By then foam should have appeared.
  • In a big bowl of your kitchen machine mix the flours with the salt. Then add the liquid with the yeast and then remaining water. Knead the dough until it’s smooth. Cover with a kitchen towel and let sit for about an hour.
  • Mix the dough once more, shape it into a log and place it into a baking pan. Cover with a kitchen towel and let sit until the dough has doubled in size.
  • Preheat the oven to 450F or 225C. Bake the bread for 25min at 450F/225C, then turn the heat down to 400F/200C and bake for an additional 20min. Either check the core temperature: the thermometer should read 93C or knock at the bottom of the loaf. If it sounds hollow, it’s done.
  • Let cool down completely on a wired rack.

Something I really don’t like to do but which I’ve to do every week: ironing…

IMG_2485Have a good and ironing free week. 🙂

IMG_2435 For what do you need toys if you can have your dogs blanket and an empty diaper box?

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