It’s jam season

Finally the strawberries and raspberries are here and I’ve picked a lot of pounds in the last couple of weeks. Everything is about a month later than usual due to the cold summer. July was mostly cold with temperatures around 12C and rain paired with heavy winds. But here is August and the last few days have been awesome and really warm. Yeah!


A couple of weeks ago M and I visited a Sting concert here in town, yes, here in Trondheim. It was cool and we enjoyed it a lot. The weather was fantastic; our neighbor took care of our boys which made it not only possible to go tot the concert in the first place but to meet a couple of friends for a beer after the concert too. 🙂

IMG_2901Friday then the kindergarten was closed due to a planning day so M and I had taken a day off. M went with Theo by train to the airport to watch the planes coming and out and he loved it. He was pretty excited and still glowing when I came home from picking berries. I had decided to pick raspberries and few more pounds of strawberries to make jam. A week earlier I’d picked strawberries already but used almost all of them for stirred jam and freezing. This time most of them were just for cooked jam. The raspberries were mostly transformed into jam too.

Strawberry field right next to the fjord.

IMG_2952First batch of strawberries (14,6 kg/ 32.4lbs).IMG_2954IMG_2987Second time picking (6,2kg/13.7lbs raspberries and 10,9kg/24.2lbs) strawberries.

And then came the jamming… For cooked jam i usually use 1:2 jam sugar which means per 1kg of jam sugar I use 2 kg of berries. In addition I often add some ground vanilla and lemon juice. Easy peasy, no big deal.

IMG_3003All done. 😀IMG_3005Another bi-product was this cake which we ate when friends came over for a play date yesterday. (You can find the recipe for the cake bottom here)

IMG_3025But as the evening approached we had to figure out what to eat. Fortunately I’d seen a recipe for Scalloped tomatoes with croutons on Smittenkitchen’s blog a few days ago and since we had old bread and cherry tomatoes we gave it a try and Theo loved it. We changed a few tiny things and our version is here and we rather call it baked bread chunks with tomatoes and Parmesan cheese.

IMG_3029Baked bread chunks with tomatoes and Parmesan cheese adapted from Smittenkitchen

  • 2 hand fulls of stale bread chunks with the crust, cut into 1.5×1.5cm squares
  • 250gr cherry tomatoes, washed and quartered
  • 250gr of chunky tomato paste
  • salt, pepper, basil, olive oil and a pinch of pepper
  • 4 tbsp grated Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Heat oven to 200C/400F.
  • Heat about 2 tbsp of olive oil in a pan and fry the bread chunks in it until browned on all sides.
  • In a bowl mix the quartered cherry tomatoes with the tomato paste, add salt, pepper and basil for seasoning. Then add this to the bread chunks in the pan, mix well and let cook for about 5 min.
  • Pour into an oven dish, top with the grated cheese and bake for about 30mins or until the tomatoes bubble and the cheese is brown.
  • Serve with a salad.

Before it went into the oven

IMG_3028In the last couple weeks I’ve tried to re-cooked a Ribollita-style soup which we had eaten when we were in Florence a couple of years ago. It’s a thick and belly satisfying soup and was originally a left over dish. We made it fresh and it was not quite the one we ate in Florence but delicious anyway. We used white beans, carrots, kale and mealy potatoes and today we had toasted bread chunks too.

Ribollita-style soup (about 4 portions)

  • 1 onion, peeled and cut into chunks
  • 2 hands full of potatoes, peeled and cut into chunks
  • 3 carrots, peeled and cut into smaller chunks
  • 300gr of kale, washed, freed from the big middle ribs
  • about 3 boxes of big white beans in its own broth (300gr boxes)
  • water, salt, pepper, oil, grated Parmigiano Reggiano (optional)
  • stale bread, cut into bigger chunks and fried in some oil, set aside
  • Heat oil in a big and tall pot, fry the onion. Then add the white beans with the broth, the potatoes and carrots. Add water until its just covered, add some salt and pepper, stir and bring to a light boil.
  • Boil for about 10min before you add the kale. It’s going to fall together after a few minutes, so don’t worry that it looks like a lot.
  • Stir the soup every now and then and after about 30min in total everything should be done. Season with salt, pepper, maybe some grated Parmigiano Reggiano.
  • Serve soup in bowls topped with some bread chunks.

The soup is going to taste better each time it’s warmed up again.

Our Ecky is still improving, walking everyday a bit better and today he went for his first swim in the fjord to fetch sticks. The old Ecky is almost back. Jumping is still missing but we’ll get there probably too. From this week on our physiotherapist is back and we are excited to show her Ecky’s improvements.

And another finally thing: our two legged munchkin has started to jabber away. Everyday we can hear new words and sometimes we are surprised when suddenly points at his pants and says “Hose” (pants) or demands menone (water melon).

Next week we are going on a trip to Germany due to a wedding of a friend. That is going to be a nice push for Theo’s German vocabulary and for us a break from our busy everyday life even though a visit to Germany seems busier than being at home.

Have a great week!

IMG_2983Btw that is what happens when mama plans to run a round before breakfast… it’s 5.30am and munchkin in his pj’s wants to join. Ok, beanie on, suit on and well mama pushes a stroller and points out digging machines instead of listening to music while running. I love our munchkin!

2 thoughts on “It’s jam season

  1. This made me sooo hungry! For it all: the berries, the jam, the cake, the soup, I will deifnitely try it! Around here we dropped from 30 to 15 in a rainy day but the sun will catch up shortly.

    And you’re so brave for that early running! I’d need a drill squd and literal war to make me do that.


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