We live in Norway, trying to cope with the blustery weather and the Norwegians. We have given up the fight with the sky high prices here. Which means, that we just buy what we need and don’t look at the prices. Otherwise we would suffer a meltdown every single time we have to do the groceries or buy something else.

During the warmer time of the year we try to be as often as possible on the water Β to enjoy Norway from the sea side. We have two sea kayaks and sometimes our dachshund joins us. In the winter we like to explore the ski trails outside the city. Sometimes, rarely we run half marathons in other countries to justify some trips. They are more like work trips. πŸ˜‰

Since September 2013 our family was extended by our munchkin Theo who is growing and developing in leaps.

If you have a good piece of cake or a nice dessert. Here we come. We prepare our dishes from the scratch and try to try out as many new recipes as possible.

Others have a blog about food or traveling or their baby. Our blog is about all those things and more. Enjoy and comment. πŸ™‚

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