Still alive – back with new recipes


The last weeks have been full with appointments, things to do and just long days at the office. Last time fall had just started, now it feels like winter is just around the corner.

Last weekend was Halloween but at our boys kindergarten they had a troll fest instead of Halloween, since it’s not an original celebration in Norway. They had made troll tails at the kindergarten, we parents weren’t allowed to brush the hair nor to wash the face (trolls aren’t that clean). They sang troll songs, ate green cereal for lunch and for the afternoon snack I’d prepared scary spider cookies.IMG_3657 Continue reading

Back from the US

And there we’re back home again. Our jet-lags are history, munchkin is going to barnehage again, the weather is most of the time cold and rainy but right now the sun is spoiling us at least until tomorrow.

IMG_2471The time in the US went as every time way too quickly. We went to La Jolla first where we stayed at a small inn for a few days. Just a road and the beach where separating us from the ocean. We watched sea lions and seals, pelicans, squirrels aka cliff rats and seagulls aka beach rats. From there we explored the nearby surroundings and found bakeries and cafes, a toy shop, the Legends gallery etc. We visited San Diego twice, once for picking up our bibs for the race and then of course on race day again. The weather god was good with us so the weather was chilly in the morning which was just perfect for us. Continue reading

Here we are again, safe and sound back at home


So, we are back. Back home and back on our feet. We spent 8 days in Wisconsin and I was sick all the time plus the two days before we actually left and since we came back. M got sick a few days after we’d arrived there, just with a cold in the beginning before he came down with too and munchkin he started with a pink eye before he caught a cold too.

Continue reading

Almost one year ago…

IMG_6047Hi folks,

sorry you haven’t heard from us for a couple of weeks but it was pretty busy… We were for a long weekend in Germany and visited friends and family. Back in Trondheim the swimming class started again and we tried to get used to a different schedule with our nanny and longer workdays. Theo has adjusted very well to our lovely nanny and is as happy as can be when I come home. She’s so motivated and tries to teach him a lot. It’s an awfully good feeling to be at work and know that your baby is better than alright. 🙂 Continue reading

I’m so jealous


I’m so jealous for everyone who can sleep except me. Isn’t it unfair when you try to fall asleep but either your snoring honey next to you or your fuzzing baby boy keeps you awake. And then finally after hours you fall asleep just to be woken up by the alarm clock -way too soon of course. Good that everyone of us knows this feeling and we can comfort ourselves knowing that we aren’t alone. (A weak comfort when you are everything but awake.) Continue reading

Baking while sleeping

20140722-211910-76750424.jpgAnd again we’re complaining. The weather hasn’t changed much since the last entry, maybe in the direction that it was and is even warmer than before. It’s so warm that we feel like sausages being fried when we enter our terrace or sleeping in an oven at night. What was our solution for the missing sleep due to the heat? -We camped in the living room and slept on our spare mattress. Continue reading

Close to a heat stroke


Are we supposed to complain about warm – okay hot – weather? No, but we do it anyway. This last week has been hot, I mean really hot and humid. It was so hot that we had 28C in our bedroom at night and sleeping was a far far away wish. We had trouble walking on the boards of the terrace due to their unbelievable hot temperature. We went back and forth between the living room and the terrace trying to find a spot where we could lounge without breaking out in sweat. Continue reading